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Dear Trent Barrett

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by TagMonster, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. TagMonster

    TagMonster Well-Known Member

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    Dear Trent Barrett,

    After watching the first two games of this season I've chosen to be optimistic. I've seen some positives, but I've also seen some things that were always obvious to everyone but you.

    Firstly, Parcell is a starting hooker. He is also capable of playing 80 good minutes. We should not be playing with two hookers.

    Second, Lawrence and Starling are first grade players. They both need to be in the squad from here on out.

    As for the back row, Tapau was brilliant there this weekend. Brown on the other hand was rubbish. He needs to be dropped until he finds form. Green has no right to be in first grade, even on the bench.

    As for the back line, Snake is old andade of glass. We need to prepare for him to be out for some time. Tom is improving and will be very good in the future. Williame will never be good. Literally give anyone else a go there.

    Finally, I've gone ahead and helped you out by naming you team for next week.

    1. T. Trbojevic
    2. J. Taufua
    3. S. Matai
    4. J. Lyon
    5. Anyone, literally anyone, other than Williame
    6. D. Walker
    7. D. Cherry-Evans
    8. J. Starling
    9. M. Parcell
    10. N. Myles
    11. B. Lawrence
    12. M. Tapau
    13. J. Trbojevic

    14. D. Lussick
    15. S. Vave
    16. F. Mateo
    17. L. Knight

    Parcell, Tapau and Trbojevic can all play 80mins. Lawrence would go very close. This will leave a good rotation for the props. We only looked good when pur forwards got rolling. We can't afford to allow teams to run all over us anymore.

    I trust you will make the appropriate changes to the team this week. Starting 0-2 is not a death sentence. We had a slow start in 2008 and that ended well.


    A Loyal Manly Fan.

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