Deadwood starting at prop

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Journey Man
The Sea Eagles have been forced to make radical changes with 7 players
unavailable due to injury or State Of Origin. Brett Stewart returns
this week with Chris Hicks going back to the wing.

Phil Morwood will start the game after receiving his first call up of
the season.

SEA EAGLES NRL TEAM: Brett Stewart ©, Michael Robertson, Paul
Stephenson, Steve Matai, Chris Hicks, Travis Burns, Matt Orford, Mark
Bryant, Michael Monaghan, Phil Morwood, Glenn Stewart, Anthony Watmough,
Luke Williamson
Interchange: Shayne Dunley, Nathan Tutt, George Rose, Jason Wells,
Mailangi Styles (1 player to be omitted)

MANLY PREMIER LEAGUE: Willie Bishop, Mitch Creary, Sean Dalton, Wes
Tillott, Sean Meaney, J P Cherry (c), Michael Witt, Sione Finefeuiaki,
Matt Ballin, Kyle Arnold, Jim Curtis, Mark Offerdahl, Todd Barrow
Interchange: James Mortimer

MANLY JERSEY FLEGG: Rodney Peake, Andrew Everingham, Sam Key, Daniel
Harrison, Tim Mortimer, Harry Berryman, Aaron Groom, Vic Mauro, Wayne
Boorer, Chris Trembath, Jay Heming, Mitchell Taueli, John O'Sullivan
Interchange: J P Hawach, Inoke Tapaatoutai, Trent Reilly, Sean Rath,
Trent Rose


A great honour for Brett Stewart named as captain!!

Good on him!!

I reckon it's not too bad... if morwood plays ok we should still be there abouts for this game.

Jason Wells gets a call up too
I've changed my mind - we are bang in trouble. Any team that starts Willo, G Stewart and Deadwood is going to be beaten by the Toowoombah Clydesdales, let alone the NRL leaders. And that bench doesn't look to kosher either - where's Cuthbo? :doh:


I'm not really too surprised cuthbo has been put back.. he has put in sub par performances thus far.

I think it's fair to give another bloke a go.. Maybe Jason Wells or Malaingi Styles will put there hand up and grab a spot.. Cuthbo seems nervous!!


Good reward for Stewart, he has been the most consistent young player over the last 18 months.

I'm a bit 50/50 over this game even with that side, Melbourne haven't won at Brookie since '99.


being a QLDer, I've never seen Ballin play , but from all reports he's a goer. What has is he doing/what has he done not to get a call up to 1st grade?

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
being a QLDer, I've never seen Ballin play , but from all reports he's a goer. What has is he doing/what has he done not to get a call up to 1st grade?
The only reasoning i can come up with Nodd is that for Ballin to come in he would have to displace an experienced player. To displace Monas or Dunley doesnt seem appropriate considering the other major changes including new props.

Some have suggested he might play 2nd row & if that was a reasonable option then he could be considered instead of
G Stewart.

But this weekend is not the weekend to maximise new blood.
so the announced team seems to be the sensible path.

Very much dunno about deadwood tho !pray:


Reserve Grader
I don't know where you got that but, the official site has Matt Orford as captain.

I would like to see Styles coming off the bench. Good to see Arnold in PL too, might see how he shapes up.

Offerdahl has been promoted as well, I wonder how he'll handle the step up.

Cuthbertson is obviously injured as well, since he isn't in any of the squads.

I'd much rather see Steppa on the wing with Hicks in the centres, but that might just be me.


First Grader
I got the team line up via e-mail and Mata put up the same info. Looks like the person who did that email made a lil error :stupid:

Anyhow I think PL will struggle with only 2 interchange players 8|

Anyhow I decided to congratulate the Bullet on MSE


Journey Man
being a QLDer, I've never seen Ballin play , but from all reports he's a goer. What has is he doing/what has he done not to get a call up to 1st grade?
I ask my self the same question each week. From what I've seen he's twice the player that Dunley is and has ten years ahead of him.......

Does Hasler have a teenage daughter?


Journey Man
On deadwood - he has better defence than rose and has equaled him in attack the few times this year ive deen them play, in the last game i saw he shat on rose - maybe its the defence that got him the starting gig.

Im still worried as and will be tipping melbourne for sure.

Glenn stewert earnt his spot at least.

I must say id prefer to see styles get the run ahead of wells (noting tutt will be there as he has some experience)

If we play wells, dunley and tutt off the bench we have no weight at all there (was going to say its the lightest bench in history but its probably one of the heavier ones with Rose there)


Journey Man
Seeing Tutt there reminds me of the bad old days of 2004.

All we need now is Hollingsworth to lock the scrum..........


Reserve Grader
Big trouble this week. It's not a good sign when the Tutt's, Morewoods and Glen Stewart are in the side.
Still, atleast it's at brookie and funnier things have happened.


Journey Man
Unfortunately, The Storms PL side is littered with potential 1st grade players like Chris Walker, Ben Cross, and even Scott Hill at times when Matt Geyer plays 5/8.

Manly's PL team are full of Premier League-ers.

That's why we get punished when injuries hit.

It's no surprise though. Everyone said at the start of the season we would do well with no injuries.

Premier League quality players in this weeks side in my opinion:-

Paul Stephenson
Steve Matai
Travis Burns
Phil Moorwood
Nathan Tutt
Glenn Stewart
Luke Williamson
Mailangi Styles
Jason Wells

We can't blame these players if we lose though. I'm sure they'll do their best.


The storm don't have a PL side do they??

They have Norths from up here and they aren't really that good.. they just seem to have a couple of quality players coming through the ranks every now and then

I don't even remember the last time Norths Devils won a premiership... The cowboys, roosters and Broncos have the monopoly up here

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