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DCE 2nd In Dally M's

Harvies elbow

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Apr 28, 2016
Nrl.com have an unofficial dally M table. Tommy got mom but DCE deserved 2 points.
Barrett for coach of the year is in the bag surely and Tommy turbo fb of the year and Jake lock of the year. possibly walker center of the year hahaha thoughts?
Nothing is in the bag when it comes to Manly mate.
They'll find a way to get their usual bum buddies a gong.
Flanno coach of the year, Scam dally m winner in a tie with Billy studs up.
Probably make JT rookie of the year if they can't find anything else.
You're right though DCE and Baz should be over the line.


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Apr 2, 2015
Not sure but our spine is up there with the best in the comp. Tommy , green, dce and api are all in great touch. DCE will finish in the top 3 for sure and Barrett will go close to coach of the year . Tommy , jake and marty in team of the year.


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Jun 20, 2010
I was shocked when Des never got coach of the year with us. Baz deserves of we stay top 4. But when it comes to Manly you never know.


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Mar 5, 2017
I think Barrett has to be coach of the yr we have over a million on the side lines all year in snake and matai. that is a massive loss and we are 3rd. he's a great coach I liked the way he went about certain things last year and it would of been hard with snake playing way under his level no real 6 and too many injuries. look at what he did for uate siro Marty api the turbos dce. Kelly is a good pick up too I'm a bit off him at the moment but he'll come good he's a great talent and just needs to focus and believe in his abilities.

Our boys in contention
api but they will choose glory boy cam

all for there respective positions if dce doesn't get the dally M he'll definitely be half back of the year. A shoe in on current form. been a good year for us and it's gonna keep getting better.


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Sep 16, 2016
We could clean up at the dally m awards.

Uate winger of the year (Radradra, Vunivalu, Cotric other contenders)
Walker centre of the year (Roberts, Lafai, Chambers)
DCE halfback of the year (Pearce, Morgan)
Taupau prop of the year (Vaughan, Wallace)

DCE dally m (Smith, Gutherson, Pearce)

Barrett coach of the year (Bellamy, Robinson)


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Apr 2, 2015
If we finish top 4 baz has to be coach of the year. Most 'experts' not only had us bottom 4 but many had us as the spooners. To take us to a top 4 would be an incredible kick in their nuts.
He's got to be a big chance , with the massive turnover of our roster since last season and retirements, its a credit to him to turn us around into contenders.


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Nov 17, 2004
I had a look last week and Jake was $23 to win Lock of the Year. Gallen and Burgess were about $1.90 - $2. each. Couldn't believe it.

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Mar 11, 2009
Barrett is our best chance of a Dally M award if the side doesn't falter, and a fair chance at that. DCE and Taupau could also be a chance. The rest of the team will miss out purely because we play as a team.


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Jun 7, 2015
I honestly think Baz will get coach of the year.
DCE 1/2 of the year
Walker centre of the year
Thomas Turbo fullback of the year
Tapua front rower of the year
Uate winger of the year
Sea Eagles...team of the year
Jake...man of the year
Toovey...legend of the year
That guy in admin...accountant of the year
That seabird..cheerleader of the year
Sorry I got carried away...but baz has to be a certainty
I'm actually serious about the rest

Pittwater Legend

We brought back Geoff Toovey!
Mar 11, 2009
Whos been better then Walker?
He would be in contention, that's for sure.

I just read something interesting. I'm not sure if it accounts for all of the votes but there was a change made this year for the Dally M's that there would be a voting panel consisting only of former players. Greg Alexander is highly respected and is on the panel but so is our very own Beaver Menzies.


DESpicable Manly
Feb 12, 2011
Cmon we all know the Dally Ms are going to be like this:

Coach: Dalai Arthur (obviously)
FB: Slater (the return of the ledgendary fullback :banghead:)
Wing: Vunivalu
Centre: GI - Cause Souffs are the pride of Rugby League
5/8: Thurston even though he missed half a season will be given it as a honoury position
Half: Cronk
Hooker: Scam Smith (The NRL HQ love child)
2 Row: Gillett (cause the Donkeys, the other pride of the league)
Lock: S Burgess (Who else really, has to be from Souffs or Brisbane, so....)
Prop: Greenburg, why not.

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