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was listening to 2GB on the way home yesterday to Our Forwards Coach Block head , Talking About How Good the Forwards are going , and he Says " and David Rose is still to come back from Injury "
Does he Mean George Rose ??? Its a Joke The forwards coach doesnt know his name
Lets Just Hope , when his contract is up at the end of the year , He *isses off back to the Toiges

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I heard that too and thought the same.

I think its time for his for concerntrate on his media and seafood career, and employ someone who actually gives a **** about Manly the coaching role.
Totally agree Spud. In his latest ad, he is wearing a Tigers jersey too. The Roosters have Cement Gillespie and Jim Dymock on their payroll, and one of them's just a trainer. We should try to get these guys, or someone similar to come to Manly and help with the forwards, especially their ball playing skills.

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Maybe we should make a banner " Bring Back Spud ".

I heard in the coverage of the Charity match in QLD he was sitting around the hotel doing arm curls with a TV!


Why does Mark Carroll always come up in these threads? He had a go at it, achieved little and then left without much warning, all the while professing his love for Souths and Russell Crowe.

I'm not trying to defend Roach either, he's crap.


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roach is a fool. i would hate to see the conflict of interests if we ever played tigers in a GF.

Let alone the game this weekend. He will most certainly be leaking the match tactics to Balmain Magpies.


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I'd be interested to know what the Dessie, the players and other coaching staff thought.

I wouldn't mark Roach on memory or how he conducts himself in the media, or if his first love is the Tigers. If he gets results, then he's doing the job. The forwards are working well. Who do you attribute that to? I don't know.


say what you guys want about Roach.. but atm the forwards are firing. Give credit where its due.

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Agree Kaza, not sure who is responsible but as the forwards coach Blocker must take some of the pat on the backs for the recent efforts


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BK is the answer as new forwards coach if he wants it. It would keep the forwards honest next year, wanting to be able to walk off the field and look him in the eye.

Roach may be doing skills with the forwards, but the hunger & attitiude comes from playing with BK. Full stop


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So it took 2 years for roach to come up with this.

"Hey what's his name, next week have a go"

Pure genious. ;)


If there is a bloke who should be the second highest paid member of the coaching staff it should be BK, let him do what ever he wants and pay him what he wants. We need him around the team in some capacity what ever it takes.

The Gronk

say what you guys want about Roach.. but atm the forwards are firing. Give credit where its due.

Well according to Blocker it is due with a guy called David Rose. When I see him I will give him a pat on the back. 8)


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Well it seems as if Blocker is doing his best to impersonate Kim Beasley. As for Pepsi's comment we can only hope BK considers staying off the farm and helping the club, and forwards in particular, for as long as possible after this year.


Maybe we could have BK doing the forwards coach next year as well as running the water bottles on.

It would be good to see both him a toovey on the field for about 78 minutes of the game geeing the players up.

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Imagine a team with BK and Toovey in it. Would be highly motivated, gutsy and never say die!!!

Blocker is not my favourite bloke but seriously what is his role. Doesn't he do some skills work with the forwards from time to time.

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