David Hosking 1990 to 1993

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    One of the most popular players to play for the Sea Eagles over the last couple of decades, he was affectionately known as The Mule�. The origin of the nickname is not exactly known it could have been his work ethic on the field as he always did the tough yards up the middle of the rucks or it could have something to with his lack of pace. More likely however it had something to do with his rotund frame and expansive gut.

    The Mule, a Manly junior, played lower grades for the Eagles before heading to South Sydney

    for a number of years where he played 11 first grade games, he was also part of the 1987 reserve premiership side.

    He left Souths at the end of 1989 and began 1990 season playing for the Bankstown Greyhounds in a local competition, however Manly under new coach Graham Lowe quickly recruited Hosko and he was a permanent fixture in the Manly front row for the next few seasons.

    Mule played a rugged, uncompromising brand of football, never taking a backward step in the tough forward battles of the era. He had a clever off load which gave players like Cliff Lyons and Geoff Toovey the space required to commence attacking raids on the opposition tryline.

    The Mule played 63 first grade games during his four season stint with the club and scored the1 lone try! Unfortunately the ravages of father time prevent me from remembering the miraculous occasion when Mule crossed the white paint however I am sure it would not have been from a break from the half way line.

    Hosking left the club at the end of 1993 with the club rebuilding towards their successful mid nineties era under a coach Bob Fulton. The Mule unfortunately was a relic of times gone by, a big, slow workhorse with plenty of body mass. The modern day footballer was now tall, strong, athletic with a body like a Greek Adonis.

    However The Muuuuuullllllle� call every time Hosking took the ball up at Brookvale Oval would have been one of the most well renowned choruses ever to echo over the great arena in its 60 year history.

    David Hosking The Mule


Discussion in 'Ex-Player Profiles' started by The Wheel, May 14, 2005.

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