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Danny The Worm's Latest Castings

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Chip and Chase, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Chip and Chase

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    Stuart well placed to reel in Eel deal

    IN A perfect world Parramatta would want Phil Gould as head coach - there has been discussion about making a massive play for him - and that is good news for Ricky Stuart. Gould as a coach would be worth at least $1 million a year and that means Parramatta have that kind of money on offer. From what I've been told, rather than chase it himself, Gould met with Stuart and encouraged him to take the Parramatta job. The word is Stuart would command at least $800,000 - but he would also want to bring his own staff - and all of a sudden the Eels would be looking at a package of $1m. And Stuart and his men would be worth every cent. Word is Stuart would want to recreate his Origin set-up or something close to it at the Eels. So the likes of Trent Barrett is a logical choice to be part of the crew. The bad news is Stuart getting the gig would mean the Blues would need to find a new coach because the Eels won't want to fork out those dollars and lose him to Origin for six weeks. Stuart and Barrett have been working on a proposal to put to the Blues management that would allow him to coach a club and Origin if the rules were relaxed to allow him to do both. That will be raised in a NSWRL board meeting next month if it is still on Stuart's radar. The question he would be asking is: can he handle a club like Parramatta, seemingly dripping with agendas and run by a dysfunctional board? Stuart would have to look back at Cronulla, where he was responsible for coaching, signing and marketing, and realise the Eels would be a walk in the park. He would take a season or two to stamp his mark - and recruit players - but you can be sure stars off contract at the end of next year, such as Mitchell Pearce and Todd Carney, would be in his sights.

    Pressure on Pearce

    THERE is no doubt spending time with Ricky Stuart at Origin has made Mitchell Pearce think twice or more about his future at the Roosters. Like many of the Origin team he fell in love with the way Stuart coaches. Stuart has been on record that Pearce should one day be Blues captain. Roosters management think Pearce owes them. For some time he has been on big money - it was on potential as much as ability. And he is considered the future of the club - but the Roosters think it's time for a return on their investment. It's worth remembering Pearce is close to Todd Carney and in the end Carney did not have a good rapport with coach Brian Smith. Carney and Pearce met for breakfast on Thursday. They do love playing together - but it won't be at the Roosters unless Smith departs.

    SBW a Smith fan

    BRIAN SMITH has been staving off board members and players at the club who don't want him there but there is a fairly important faction at the Roosters which does want him there and I'm not referring to his strongest supporter, chairman Nick Politis. When Sonny Bill Williams looked to join the club, his agent Khoder Nasser was wary of who would be coaching the side - but he has never had a concern with Smith. Nasser and Smith go back a a long way - through Anthony Mundine. Smith always had a good relationship with Mundine - he has been a regular at his fights and Mundine always speaks highly of Smith. There is no doubt Smith knew how to handle his character. Nasser always respected that and has told SBW he has nothing to fear. There are still directors who don't want Smith - and Craig Bellamy's name keeps getting a mention. And yes, Bellamy would be a very good fit at the Roosters - however, his price tag would not please their powerbrokers. Bellamy would need a $1m package and the Roosters board would have to think twice before agreeing to that. Bellamy lost some bargaining power with the Broncos' decision to keep Anthony Griffin - it was always tipped that Bellamy would end up at the Broncos one day. If Smith has a poor 2013, the chequebook may loosen - but with SBW and James Maloney coming, it's hard to see the Roosters having another poor year. They will have added motivation farewelling their favourite son Anthony Minichiello.

    Grubby Bulldogs

    THE Bulldogs are riding high on the NRL ladder but rivals are dirty on them. In Rugby League Week's annual players' poll to be released this week, the ''biggest grub'' category is dominated by Dogs - former ''winner'' Michael Ennis and a new niggler, five-eighth Josh Reynolds. With 90 per cent of votes counted, the two are close and well clear of the field. Bulldogs coach Des Hasler has easily won ''best coach'' for the first time in his amazing career.

    Shire consequences

    SO WHAT does the captain of team that represents The Shire think of the show which aired on Channel Ten. "I have to live in the area so I need to be very careful," laughed Paul Gallen. "Let's just say that the only way is up for the program." The characters? "The blokes seemed pretty cool - laid back and all that," he said. As for the girls? "Again, no comment."

    Fans storm the box

    THINGS are getting a little tense down Canberra way. Upset fans burst into the chairman's box when the Raiders were smashed by the Gold Coast last Sunday - to say they were dissatisfied with coach David Furner is an understatement. Security had to be called.

    Paternity bulge

    CRONULLA prop Ben Ross has been bugging his wife to agree to a pre-baby pic - this one is a cracker. Don't think for a second that Ross is out of nick - he had to push his stomach muscles out in a big way for this to work.

    Willett's winner

    LUKE LEWIS'S management has done a great job in setting up its client with a $2m deal at the Sharks - and every club that talked to Greg Willett promised that Lewis would have a job in conditioning or training after football. Clubs looking after their players post-football is a great idea. In the past, NRL salary cap chief Ian Schubert has looked into these deals. Willett would have thought of that for sure. Lewis's deal was sealed at a meeting on Thursday night. The Wests Tigers are said to be dirty on Willett and Lewis because they were of the belief they had secured Lewis, only to fall to the Sharks.

    Tapping in

    TWEET of the week came from Jarryd Hayne - an hour after word came out Stephen Kearney was a goner, he tweeted: "Anyone know a good plumber?

    Spagnolo silent

    ROY SPAGNOLO likes to talk tough and normally is keen to see his name in the paper - but when it came to saying a few words in support of Stephen Kearney and wearing some blame, the Parramatta chairman scampered away from the media. He left Kearney to face the questions and retirement-bound skipper Nathan Hindmarsh to explain what went wrong. The Eels' chief executive Bob Bentley also fronted, but Spagnolo, who is the real powerbroker at Parramatta, was happy to wash his hands of the mess that has eventuated on his watch.

    Ticket in tatters

    WE TOLD you a few weeks back that Kings Cross nightclub supremo John Ibrahim stood to win $8500 if Origin III ended in a 20-20 draw. There's more to the story. "When Carney kicked the goal I shouted the bar," laughed Ibrahim. "I thought it was all over.

    I asked a mate to find a TAB so I could collect - then came the field goal. I felt pretty silly calling my mate to come back."

    50 Cent fan of The Man

    YOU can say what you want about controversial boxer Anthony Mundine and his recent Las Vegas victory over Bronco McKart but he is making a genuine effort to secure a fight with Floyd Mayweather jnr. Mayweather snr thought enough of Mundine to attend the fight. Also of note was that one of Mayweather jnr's best mates, the rapper 50 Cent, was at the bout. After the fight he told Mundine he would talk to Mayweather to see what he can do. Mundine would have his hands full against Mayweather, but you could never write him off.

    Hollywood Dell

    WENDELL SAILOR chatted with Hugh Jackman at length at a launch for RU OK? Day and thinks he might be cut out for Hollywood. ''I reckon I've got The Rock covered,'' the retired dual international said. ''There's an opening in Hollywood for me, I'm sure, and I told Hugh that. I was talking rugby league to Hugh and his passion for Manly. I can't get over how fit he is. When he took off his shirt he had a 12-pack.''

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/sport/stuart-well-placed-to-reel-in-eel-deal-20120721-22h8y.html#ixzz21Ier3DVW


    Good to see him mention SBW and Mundine. I was wondering what they were up to.
  2. north coast eagle

    north coast eagle Active Member

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    The guy has missed his true calling in life - writing a gossip column for a womens magazine.
  3. Moondog

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    "Mundine would have his hands full against Mayweather, but you could never write him off."....I'm prepared to write him off now, not that he's got a chance of ever fighting Mayweather
  4. HappilyManly

    HappilyManly MWTS Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    Josh Reynolds does what Sandow used to do at Souths - jump onto a tackled player and whack them with a swinging arm.

    It was blatant on Friday night, no penalty, but the Players do not overlook grubby tactics.:mad:
  5. WAMF

    WAMF Well-Known Member

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    Mayweather wouldn't even know who Anthony Mundane was.
    No chance of the fight happening.
    Mundane trying to cash in on the back of a boxing legend.
  6. castle eagle

    castle eagle Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    mundine wouldn't want to fight him yet, he's to young. maybe he really wants to fight maywether snr. & reporters are getting the two mixed up
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    • globaleagle

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      • Brookvale

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        This guys obsession with Dunny Bill and Mindune is really weird. All 3 go to the mosque together pray and read the koran.

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