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Here's to BK winning the Dally M award tonight - what a great player he has been this year and already an eagle legend! He has been outstanding every week. Johns is a freak and the best going around abut no one could begrudge BK if he stands on the podium. Could give the boys a real lift for Sunday!!
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Lets hope, problem being we lost so many over the last 10 weeks. But he still may have picked up a few points over that period.

Wheel are you going tonight?
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I think it will go to Joey for being Joey even though BK should have clocked up enough. 3 for both wins and a few others ie 2 against he warriors
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Watmough was comfortably in the lead, about 6 points at round 12, although his injury will make sure he doesn't recieve the prize this year.

Ben was running equal second at that time and considering the freakish performances we see him put in week after week to hold our team up, I think he will go very well indeed and IMO is the form forward of the comp.

Im also very inpressed with his 199m in the canberra game, what an effort that was!
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Byso - no I am not going. I originally was catching up with a mate from Qld tonight but that has now been moved to Thursday so I could have gone.

Hopefully BK might get the cash though
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Leaders after RD 16

B Kennedy.............20
J Thurston............19
A Watmough............15
S Prince..............15
S Jones...............14
S Webcke..............13
B Seymour.............11
P Gallen..............11
B Anasta..............10
D Lockyer.............10
R Wesser..............10
A Johns................9


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Prince is the biggest worry I reckon
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For 8 of those rounds Joey was MOTM for Newcastle. I reckon he is a special. BK will get lock of the year and maybe rep player of the year. Thurston will figure and Manly's form will count against BK.

Daily Tele has Joey as winner today!!
I may be wrong here but the Knights did not have any byes after round 16 did they ? So Joey also played more matches than BK in this period


I think us losing the games may have helped BK, mainly because people often give 3 points, and 1 points to the winning team and 2 to the losing team in clsoe games, or 3 and 2 to the winners and 1 to the losers.

Why I think it may have helped is that if we have gotten any points in any of those games it was BK who probably got them because everyone else played a lot worse than him.

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