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Daily Telegraph Player Ratings By Barry Toohey

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by bob dylan, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. bob dylan

    bob dylan Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +6,440 /192

    Brett Stewart: Set Manly alight in the opening 40 minutes in a brilliant display. 8

    Michael Robertson: Mr Reliable once again. When was the last time he played poorly? 7.5

    Jamie Lyon: A steadying influence who fittingly scored his side's final try. 7

    Steve Matai: Had a running battle with Inu and finished with stitches in a head wound. 6.5

    William Hopoate: Wow. He won't play again for two years but left us with something special.8.5

    Kieran Foran: Along with his halfback mate, was the architect behind the win. 7.5

    Daly Cherry-Evans: This kid has ice running through his veins. Top class again. 7.5

    Joe Galuvao: Did his usual spade work around the ruck while he was out there. 6.5

    Matt Ballin: Great defensively and good service out of dummy half for his side. 7

    Brent Kite: Carted it up all game and made his tackles in a solid performance. 7

    Anthony Watmough: What we've come to expect from him. Reilly high work-rate. 7.5

    Tony Williams: Much hyped before the game but not the impact. 4.5

    Glenn Stewart: Kangaroos bound. Great game from the skilful backrower. 8.5


    Shane Rodney: Handled the ball plenty of times but no major impact. 4.5

    Jamie Buhrer: Only saw a few minutes when Matai was injured. 2

    Vic Mauro: Did a job for Des Hasler while he was out there. 5

    George Rose: Big George didn't get big minutes to contribute. 5


    Kevin Locke: Saw flashes of what he can do but not enough of them for the Warriors. 6.5

    Bill Tupou: Big occasion and took an early bomb but rarely in the game. 5

    Lewis Brown: Got involved early but rarely threatened out wide. 6

    Krisnan Inu: Mixed bag from this bloke. Some good and some poor. 6.5

    Manu Vatuvei: Scored the try which gave them a sniff and always hard to handle. 7

    James Maloney: Not the impact he had in other finals games but solid. 6.5

    Shaun Johnson: Came alive in the final 15 minutes but where was the ad-lib earlier. 7

    Russell Packer: Where were the explosive bursts? Disappointing from the big fella.5

    Lance Hohaia: Has lost some pace and not the force he was but tried hard. 6

    Jacob Lillyman: Good early stint but not much to report after that. 6.5

    Elijah Taylor: Scored a try but not a lot of overall involvement. 5

    Simon Mannering: Great skipper's knock. Huge workrate for his side. 7.5

    Michael Luck: This bloke never stopped tackling all game.7.5


    Aaron Heremaia: Came on fresh and worked hard for his side while out there. 6

    Sam Rapira: Found out in defence a couple of times but did his job. 6

    Ben Matulino: Outstanding contribution. Really bent the Manly defence back. 7

    Feleti Mateo: Threatened the Manly line with his step and did all he could. 7.5
  2. Darren

    Darren Well-Known Member

    +560 /20
    T-Rex was quiet, mauro did great, matai was very quiet and missed a shocker on the try scorer. Choc was everywhere
  3. Jerry1

    Jerry1 Well-Known Member

    +2,654 /93
    Surprised we won looking at this.
    Crap paper crap read.
  4. Brookvale

    Brookvale Well-Known Member

    +155 /1
    geees, we scored twice as many points as them, yet their players were rated on par with ours and their bench monstered ours.

    agree that warriors pled better last 15 minutes of the match

    me thinks barry has one too many tooheys

    fcuk news ltd and faily telegrot
  5. Masked Eagle

    Masked Eagle Well-Known Member

    +976 /0
    I think the ratings are pretty accurate. I'd probably give Killer & Choc slightly higher, but if you take 6.5 as an average game then I think its pretty close.
  6. Rex

    Rex Well-Known Member

    +2,376 /60
    Daily Telecrap
    Sum of Manly player ratings = 107.5
    Sum of NZ player ratings = 108.5

    Sum of Manly points scored = 24
    Sum of NZ points scored = 10

    lol at DT
  7. SeaEagleRock8

    SeaEagleRock8 Sea Eagle Lach Staff Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +10,547 /214
    The smh gave Cherry 9 and Foran 6.
  8. Berkeley_Eagle

    Berkeley_Eagle Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan

    +2,125 /14
    Lyon 7
    thought at least 8.5
  9. Moondog

    Moondog What's up Darth? Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +5,248 /51
    Was just thinking that myself. Jamie was one of the best on field for sure. Some of his plays were turning points in the match. A rating of 7 is ridiculous. How could Toohey rate Manu the same as Jamie. Wonder if he watched the game?
  10. simon_eagle

    simon_eagle Well-Known Member

    +390 /9
    I thought the same mate. How great was Hopoate though ? Spilt one early but was perfect after that.
  11. Masked Eagle

    Masked Eagle Well-Known Member

    +976 /0
    The ratings totalled are a little skewed because Buhrer saw next to no time and the relatively low impact and minutes played by our bench which was a 10 point swing to the Warriors.

    DUFFMAN Well-Known Member

    +569 /8
    Its a personal opinion, us Manly fans will up our players ratings as would the Warriors fans of there players.

    It means sfa as the only thing that matters or is remembered is Manly are the premiers.
  13. Jatz Crackers

    Jatz Crackers Moderator Staff Member

    +1,475 /8
    Keep it simple barry.

    Manly rated at 24

    Warriors rated at 10.
  14. Rex

    Rex Well-Known Member

    +2,376 /60
    I understand what you're saying, but the maths simply doesn't work like that.

    This is how a system based on discounting for time on field would work (hypothetical figures for simplicity):

    Buhrer and Matai share a game, both play at level 8.
    Matai plays 3/4 of the game = 6 points
    Buhrer plays 1/4 of the game = 2 points
    Total = 8 points

    Mateo and Lillyman share a game, both play at level 8.
    Mateo plays 1/2 of the game = 4 points
    Lillyman plays 1/2 of the game = 4 points
    Total = 8 points (i.e. exactly the same total)

    Instead the DT have scored Mateo and Lillyman without any time discounting at all, whereas they've applied massive time discounting for Buhrer.

    lol at DT for designing a system, discounted for time on field, without any consistency, and without even a basic understanding of the maths of discounting.
  15. Melbourne Eagle

    Melbourne Eagle New Member

    +4 /0
    I know there's some drivel in the newspapers, but at least you can get them.

    Impossible to buy a Sydney newspaper in Melbourne:mad:
  16. swoop

    swoop Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +1,543 /26
    Just read online. Do a google search.
  17. Melbourne Eagle

    Melbourne Eagle New Member

    +4 /0
    Yeah,done that. Not the same though. I am over 40. A bit old school.

    I can pin my computer screen all over my workstation:p
  18. voicefromthehill

    voicefromthehill Well-Known Member Premium Member

    +1,608 /13
    I suggest that first we check our maths before we cry conspiracy - I calculate Manly 110 - Warriors 108.5
  19. Rex

    Rex Well-Known Member

    +2,376 /60
    No conspiracy suggested, but can I borrow your calculator? lol at me for calculating 107.5. And what I said still stands.
  20. MadMarcus

    MadMarcus Local Lunatic 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +8,378 /74
    There's nothing wrong with the DT's time discounting system. The reason the Warriors players didn't get as much time discounting as the Manly players is that all 17 of their players were on the field between the 60th and 75th minute. At least it felt that way...

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