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He's looking better isn't he. I'm almost ready to declair him as my choice over Hall (who is going very average imo).

He still scares me with his loose cary and willingness to offload but he's picking the right times and came up with a few rippers tonight. That pass to Orford was magic.


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Got that right Flip, now that he has had a bit of time in there he is light years ahead of Hall.

I reckon Des told him to go out and offload as much as he could, when he gets his sense of when to pass and when not to right he will be a weapon.


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Cuthbertson has always been better than Hall.

Hall is a liability - gave away 2 dumb penalties tonight.


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That's something King's gotta get rid of as well. Over the past month he's given away 1 or 2 stupid penalties each match.

He ran the ball up very well tonight though. Sent one Roosters' player flying back on his arse with one particular hit up.


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TBH I thought King was the only Manly forward who lloked like he started 110% committed and switched on.


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I would like to never see Beaver on the bench again !!! He's too good a player for that !

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I was no fan of Cuthberson at all, but am liking him more and more every week, to the point where i looked forward to him entering the game last night


All he needed was a bit of time. For those who've been watching him come through the ranks it's no surprise. He's been an absolutely dominant force in PL for some time & it's great to see him starting to show his talents in firsts.
I love seeing the local boys come through. Development is far more rewarding than shopping.


i think Bryants place is being questioned now.. Hall and he.. theres not much between them...

Disappointed with Bryant.. he was good in his first season with us and just dipped since he got a contract.


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I was never a big fan of Cuthbo but last night he was good in the carry and offload departments. However, like CW, I think his front on defense is suspect and it showed last night on a few occasions. Until he gets that right he'll worry me. Hall went OK although his penalties were annoying as were Princesses, especially that one that invited them into our ten. Why does Choc have to drop the ball early?

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