Cuthbo the new "Spud" -- SMH

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Cuthbo the new "Spud" -- SMH

So it was only fitting the former Test prop, nicknamed "Spud", made a point of congratulating the promising young Sea Eagles forward on his first-ever NRL man-of-the-match performance this week.

"He was getting up me," said Cuthbertson, whose barnstorming 30-minute display against the Wests Tigers last Friday, in which he set up the Sea Eagles final two tries, earned him best afield honours.

"He said 'after 10 years of my career I only got one man of the match, and you do it in 10 games.'

"It was a massive moment for me in my life so far.

"And especially for him to call me and chat about it too, was pretty exciting."

The 22-year-old, who made his first grade debut last year, will line-up for just his 12th NRL game tomorrow night as the Sea Eagles aim to end a 21-year hoodoo at Cronulla.

He is yet to start a game this year, and will again be on the interchange bench.

But with the Sea Eagles impressive big-men stocks beginning to thin somewhat - prop Jason King (knee, six weeks) last week joined George Rose (leg, season) on the sidelines - the ball-playing 112kg prop is shaping as an important member of the club's premiership aspirations.

"At the moment, there's nothing better than playing in the NRL, but they'd be nothing better than playing in the NRL finals," said Cuthbertson.

"I really can't wait for it.

"But the next seven weeks I've just got to concentrate on becoming a better player in the NRL, getting used to the speed of the game and the hype of it.

"And if I'm still around by the finals, then I'll have to get used to the semis and finals."

Despite overtures from North Queensland - and the urgings of his mother to move north - the local junior was expected to re-sign with Manly this week.

He first played with the club as a 14-year-old in the Harold Matthews competition, when Cuthbertson claims he was told by Carroll he reminded him of a young "Spud".

"I just came down to muck around and try out," Cuthbertson said.

"Mark Carroll was the coach at the time. He watched us play and I didn't think I was a chance at all.

"I was a big fan of him, and that night he gave me a ring on the phone.

"I couldn't believe who I was talking too, I was going 'what's going on here', I nearly had to slap myself in the face to realise what was happening.

"He gave me a buzz and said that he thought I was awesome and reminded him of him.

"I don't know if I enjoyed that compliment, but he said I had to come down and play with his team, and I did.

"And I've never really looked back."



Cuthbo the new "Spud" -- SMH

Why is his mother urging him to move north? :( :( :(

I am sure that he wants to play as a second rower and not a prop.

Canteen Worker

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Cuthbo the new "Spud" -- SMH

He will be a prop and should focus on this. Despite all the good things he did the other night the idea of him getting man of the match is a joke. Lots of others worked hard for the whole 80 and the game was done and dusted when he started his rampage. He played good but MOM was OTT. OK?


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Cuthbo the new "Spud" -- SMH

Why is his mother urging him to move north? :( :( :(

I am sure that he wants to play as a second rower and not a prop.

Dont believe everything you read Tookey.


Cuthbo the new "Spud" -- SMH

[quote author=tookey]
Why is his mother urging him to move north? :( :( :(

I am sure that he wants to play as a second rower and not a prop.

Dont believe everything you read Tookey.


A journalist embelishing the truth? Surely not. :lie: :lie: :lie:


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Cuthbo the new "Spud" -- SMH

Its going to be hard for Des to just let him slide back into PL after all the media attention he's getting.

IMO he'll keep playing firsts but how many other rookies have had such media attention after 1 great game?

A few weeks ago a few of us couldn't believe he was being given a go after showing he can't hold the ball.

Now look at him... well done to him too. Fantastic for his career and for our team. :)


Cuthbo the new "Spud" -- SMH

Ive had 2 blokes ask me about Cuthbo after his appearance on 9 .
He must be cheering after receiving that type of coverage.
If he can stamp out his bad traits and harness his ability then he will be right.


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Cuthbo the new "Spud" -- SMH

Cuthbertson the new 'Spud'. Surely that's a gee up. His tackling technique is pathetic.
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