Cuthbo in PL


I only saw the second half of PL, but from what i saw Cuthbo was playing very wide and making metres and offloading at will. Scored two tries as well.
Was the best on field - was Afamasaga playing or just MIA?
Its a shame there is no spot for him in the side, especially with Beaver to come back.

Bani was classy again today and will play 1st grade in the future.


Cuthbo killed it. Was best on ground for sure.

Afa didn't play - replaced by Vic Mauro.

Bani had a good wingers game. Man he's got some speed - the lead-up to Manly's first try he made a 40-50 metre run down the right wing - absolutely burnt whoever the Panthers winger was on that side and put Manly in the position to cross one tackle later. Got a try at the end of the game as well. He's got so much natural talent, it's crazy. Loves a dummy half run as well - went searching for the ball a lot in the first half. Also he won like 5 penalties. For a little while it seemed like everytime he ran the ball the Panthers were penalised for a strip or a high tackle or something.

The other bloke who I have been really impressed with in the last two weeks is a guy called Bead Tuohy. I'm guessing he is a prop. I hadn't heard of him before the Bulldogs game last week, but he's made an impression. I don't think he has the natural advantages that Cuthbo/Afa etc have, but he really has a dig. Ran hard every time he had the ball, and he got smashed quite a few times but kept going back and giving it another go. He made a couple of errors in the Dogs game, and made another one or two today - but I like his attitude.

Had to laugh at Trindall as well - he was pretty ordinary for most of the game (made one good clean run in the second half, but his kicking game was pretty poor), and at one point (after a fairly generous penalty to Manly) he went slightly bonkers and looked like he wanted to bring in a blackboard and go to town on the Ref.

But you're absolutely right Pepi - it was Cuthbo's day.

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Good report guys, never heard of this prop though, will have to keep a look out for him


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Afamasanga was injured, out for 2 weeks. His girlfriend was given the night off at the club to go look after him... wish I had that kind of injury!


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I didn't see sundays game but I was at the game at Telstra when I thought Cuthertson was quite ordinary. Is that what cruels him? a lack of consistency.


Bede Tuohy was signed this year from norths PL side. Clearly a potential champion.

Does anyone know who the the number 21 was that was warming up with the first grade side? I thought it might have been Jack a but it seems that he was out injured.


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not Jack A, anyway is form wasn't deserving of a reserve spot in 1st Grade. I don't mind Jack, but his shoulders do have to carry a lot of weight. For a player on $96K this year and $112K next year he needs to pull his finger out and concentrate on football.
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