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Reserve Grader

No-one manages to delegate where their taxes go apart from the government champ. What we CAN do, is manage the AMOUNT of tax that IS paid to the government.

I'm guessing you aren't doing Economics?

I guess what you meant, is that I DON'T get to have a say on where THE GOVERNMENT decides on delegating where it's revenue goes. Revenue = credit, taxes = debit. Government doesn't delegate taxes, it delegates revenue created by the means of attaining tax dollars.

But in a way again, you are wrong. I get to vote. (That happens when you turn 18 matter of factly - so don't know if you have had the chance yet). I vote on the pretence that whoever I steer my vote to, will have the right systems in place to direct the \"revenue\" that government attains through my tax dollars into the right areas, such as \"EDUCATION\", which, I am starting to question in present company.

You described yourself as \" so much younger, insignificant, naive, dependent & street dumb etc than me, and frankly, when you made a statement like \"you are the stupidest person in the world 31/07/2005\" to me, I would have to agree.

Prior to that day, I had an alternate opinion.

The fact that your debate degenerates as soon as you start name calling, suggests that you have a way to go to become streetwise. Abuse creates nothing, except threads like this. It is something attributed to other sites.

Don't get bogged down in semantics Ryan, it's that sort of petty knit-picking which suggest that maybe you're not quite as street savvy as you believe.

Btw, I never said that you were the dumbest person in the world, that would be rash. I said you were the stupidest person that posts on this forum, which means you're automatically a candidate for being the smartest poster on MSE who doesn't visit here. Half full or half empty, that's your call.

While you're out looking up the definitions of words, try aswell.


First Grader
Anyone who spends as much time in front of a keyboard as you two handbag heroes has no claim to being thought of as streetwise.

Your both full of sh!t, growing up wouldnt hurt either of you


Journey Man
LoL - refers me to the dictionary.

Point proven / case closed.

You make me laugh dude. Not only that, but I DO value your opinion.


Reserve Grader
Thanks Fro, your bullet proof argument gave me an epiphony. From now on, I will only spread sunshine and love in this world. Outside, of course. Mature sunshine and love, of course.

You have more posts than me, by the way, you probably should have thought about that before you decided to go down that path.


Kim Jong Dan
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ladies....we all know the dumbest person on this board is sherlock.

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