Crusher Cleal

Well were are all his up and coming players he found. Witt, Kane Cleal ???
Wish we had melbournes or brisbanes recruitment officer
He basically found nobody.


Welcome StockBrocker or SB.

A nice positive thread to start you off...

Yeah i think we need to be looking out bush way and more so up here in QLD when scouting.... perhaps a replacement is needed??
sorry about the negative post first up
But looking at the talent some clubs have and we can't even say we have any stars hes found


yeah mate,

Ya dead right!!

We don't really have "stars" coming through our ranks.... I have heard much about Adam Groom.. But i'm not really in a position to say much about him because i've never seen the guy play.

Alot of it would have something to do with the success of the club lately.. as we know we haven't had much success lately as in winning premierships and what not... Where as the Bronco's, roosters, bulldogs, panthers and so on have had premiership glory over the last 4 - 7 years.. it is much more attractive to play for a club like that.

In saying that Melbourne haven't really been too successful, they won the premiership in 99 and make the finals regularly.. i'm not sure of the bloke who does the scouting for them but for sure he's doing a cracking job. Majority of the storms players are from players coming through the ranks (inglis, slater, smith, king etc) and most of them from Norths Devils up here.


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Matai was bought to the club as a Queensland Cup player, he has gone within a hairs breath of being an international.

Our SG Ball team has performed extrmley well over the past 2 years. The majority of that team have come from outside of the Manly area. The development of these players takes a few years. Be patient.


I wasn't saying nobody has been brought to our club... just saying in relation to the clubs SB had mentioned.. more of our players are poached from another club.. rather than brang up through the ranks
We should definitely pillage the Nth QLD area more - this is where we found guys like Vautin and Shearer after all. What youngster doing it tough in a remote town wouldn't want to come the the Nthrn Beaches?


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takes a while to find juniors and actually bring them through, over the last few years all grades have improved and hopefully a few of the Ball & Flegg kids will progress to NRL.
well i coached junior teams in the many area
and was never approached about any kids in my team
We won the comp a couple of times too
Personally i think they need to look in there own back yard


ive seen a heap of junior matches in past couple of years

this years matthews made semis

sg ball has 5-6 strong juniors and flegg has 3-4 including groom

PL has meaney. cuthbo, ballin and jason wells

names like noxi, offerdahl, berryman, grieve, keys, groom, nickson are potentially 2-3 years away but have loads of talent

i remember our juniors b4 crusher, it was pathetic,

Jatz Crackers

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Nice name Jatz
You is ryan

Cheers SB.

Ryan is a poster here who has a rather strong views about Manlys recruitment or should I say lack of quality of our recruitment.

You sounded just like him. ;)

And by the way..welcome.

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Darren is on the spot. Takes at least five years to produce juniors to first graders.

We don't have the resources of the Dogs/Rorters and a very small junior league. Give it time.

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