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UFO Hunter
The thermometer on the MSE home page says there has been nearly 10,000 pre sold tickets. Add another 1,000 season tickets to that and we could be looking at a whopper of a crowd.

Anyone willing to suggest 20,000?

Canteen Worker

First Grader
If the hordes of toothless ugh-boot wearing, Jamie Lyon hating morons from the west turn up we will crack 20K easily.

Last 20 k crowd at Brookie was in 2004, second game against the Roosters when they let 4 k in late and quoted a crowd of 18k. There have only ever been around 25 crowds over 20 k in history but this one has the potential to beat it.

Weather forecast has been redone Garts and it is looking much better.


Without rain, this should reach capacity (23K ?).

Get there early or miss the first fifteen minutes trying to get in I'd say.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member

Measurement instruments incorrect methinks


Journey Man
it will crack 20 for sure

clearing to fine tomorrow

there are plenty going from my work out west a couple who arnt even manly or parra supporters, and many more than normally go to the footy egularly.


Journey Man
Are they calling for volunteers to sell tickets on the pathway yet? Let's hope all the ticket booths are open or the game will be a shemozzle.

Ch9 won't let them delay kick-off either.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Last home games they had ticket boxes in portables out the front and so the line were only 50 m rather than 100m.

What doesn't help is the buffoons that check bags trying to stop people take chips etc in. (Was fun watching all the kiddies unload their Jim Beams, Bundies and beers from their shorts, tops and handbags once they got inside!!!!


Winging it

Measurement instruments incorrect methinks
Yep, correct term is barometer. However, I have seen the crowd's temperature rising waiting to get in! :)

Weather forecast is no showers, top of 20.

The Wheel
Premium Member
Fine and sunny 20k for sure IMO - there will 5000 bogans there to top the crowd up



How close can you get?

I counted at least 56 parramatta bogans with two heads there tonight so it should have been an even 20k crowd. :blaugh: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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