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I just heard that judging from pre game ticket sales we can expect a 20K plus crowd?? Can anyone confirm that?

Weather is looking good at 23 degrees, early showers then clearing. I am heading up from Melb so all you local fellas had better show up too!!
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Haven't heard any crowd estimates as yet but most Manly supporters I know will be going to the game. I was thinking more likely around the 18K mark however If there is any rain on Sunday you can knock 5000 off the crowd straight away.

We generally sit near the half way mark on the hill and go to the post match presentation at the leagues club, come over & say hello.
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A 20k crowd will be an amazing result given it's an out of town team. Let's hope it happens - great for the coffers.
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Make sure you say g'day clontaago.

20,000 crowd that would make one hell of a panorama photo!
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Byso will be the guy with a camera following the cheerleaders around. Talking of cheerleaders I noticed Erin on the front page of the Truth newspaper today in her Manly gear on Saturday night.
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Come on. I don't follow them around. They just happen to walk around were I am.......hehe
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Well, I bought my ticket on Tuesday afternoon and the PAX number says 1776. I'd assume 75-80% of the crowd would be those turning up on the day wanting tickets.
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I dont know how much go in pre-sales.

But the positive feeling even after the loss is that we will come out firing and it should be worth going seems to have flowed through the media.

Ill be there of coarse - somewhere on the hill i imagine.

Byso is the guy with the camera that looks like Duke nukem - hence the sig pic.

Im not sure if Hopium can make it - although she is trying to get her hair done on sat in burgandy and get white extensions to look the part.
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Apart from season ticket holders & grandstand patrons , most of the crowd would be "walk up " . I'd be happy to see a 20k crowd , but think it may be closer to 15k . Weather , school holidays & "LIVE" Fox coverage may keep the crowd down a little.
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Let Hopium know that a lot of the products used in hair dressers are tested on animals.

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