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Crowd Record


Apr 3, 2005
Our current average crowd is a phenomenal 15 258. If we get a crowd of 10 500 or above for our last home game against the Warriors, we'll beat our previous average attendance record from 1994 of 14 860.

This is a great achievement, considering our position on the ladder in recent years and the alienation of many of our fans during the great war. When you think about our fantastic sides of the mid nineties, who only averaged in the 12k's, which were also propped up by the top of the table clashes which filled Brooky to the brim, it's a great testament to the current management and the popularity of the brand in the area.

There's been no real stand out attendance, it's just been a consistent effort by the fans. There hasn't been a single attendance under 13k, which is remarkable considering how excited the club was to attract just over 12k in the season high game against the Roosters in 2002.

There's been a 36% growth on 04's average attendance of 11 203, remarkable.


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Apr 20, 2005
Even better when you consider that we have also not had games at Brookie against high pulling crowds such as Parrramatta & Roosters

Canteen Worker

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Jul 15, 2004
Good post C and well picked up. Crowds at Brookie have been great. Bottom line is that those who have not been there have missed out on some great games!

I for one am looking forward to being there for a night game!


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Jul 19, 2004
This is a fantastic thing indeed. Lets hope the last game is a bumper say 18k.

If we win one of the next 2 it could get to 20k. As more people will want to be part of manly making the semis.
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