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Ok, Lets get this out while I'm good and drunk.....

I'll start with the bad news and progress, if you persist to end give yourself a pat on the back.

- First half was the strangest, most incomprehendable, unbelievable fourty minutes I have ever scene in my life perhaps other than Sept 11 01....I'm dead serious, nothing will ever be able to explain to me in any form how any two teams in a first grade competition, no matter what sport or league, can be so defferantial in so many aspects.

- If any other team other than my beloved eagles had conceded thirty and missed twenty in a half I would suggest they give up league all together, but somehow I did not see that result on the field, only on the scoreboard. Lets start here...

- Donald, If Scotty wants to be in this grade for the rest of the year I would suggest many a hour with our defensive coaches. I don't care how many tries he scored last year. Last year we were lucky not to gain the spoon with all his tries, this year we are on top without them...due to effective defence. I understand he may be frustrated but you have to look for the game not expect the centres to be on theirs every minute. In defence, disgusting.

- Steppa, No win situation here, I suggested before he sit on the bench for hill tonight no matter what side of the feild he prefers. Now though to drop him would be a huge mistake, He now has to stay in my opinion...otherwise the loss in confidence will see all his work undone if called up for an injured tezza in the future. He needs a chance next week whilst he probably shouldn't have been here this week. MY MAIN PROBLEM WITH STEPPA, to be frank he has one of the worst tackles I have ever scene, is this guy afraid to mess up his make-up?....I see little monas going head first into the knees for 60 minutes a game but steppa will not go low, close to the line this costs points nine out of ten times, leave it to the bigger boys to take the grunt paul. The one offload last week and the similar this week to donald seem to have kept his head from the chopping blocks, I think des has a soft spot for him. He needs to be on the bench next week...a warning but not a death threat. which brings me to this....

- Ideally next week I would see this (may seem far fetched) Matai working with donald and hill working with hicks on the outside...Hicks other than the very odd fumble is solid,as is Matai...and would secure the sidelines for the ever pre-occupied hill and donald. If it weren't for the experience and the team motivation I would leave tezza out of the side after tonight and call up any number of acceptable PL players. His defence keeps him alive in my opinion not his distruption which everyone seems to think is a good thing.


- Anybody who bags brett for his game tonight needs help, just as he needed help tonight...he had none. i really felt for a rookie having nobody in support and managing as well as he could against an amazing effort from brisbane. The only flaw I could see was a little underconfidence in returning the ball, I'm sure he would have put on the 100m dash had he backed himself on the wing that one time, possibly turning the game.
Otherwise for his experience in big games everything else can be forgiven, his defence on the line in a beaten side was magnificant. As a example on him not having a line to rely on I recall him having to rush the line on a late broncos try because we were lazy on getting back from a penalty given to give us time to do just that.

Kylie - Unlucky to be in that very unintentional high shot, I hope the judicuairy see it that way, ugly but unlucky. He deserves a run on postion in my opinion and should be coached into a stable spot on our team before he is poached. Everywhere tonight, and not just looking for the hits but looking for the ball and looking sharp in attack, I see king unhealthy, hope kylie gets a look in sometime soon as a starter.

Menzies and Kennedy, DEAD SET AMAZING...never seen a better game from kennedy ever, he looked lost in the kangaroo squad last week but he is dead set a true footballer. Menzies has a never say die effort in defence and execution is near perfect everytime, looks great on his feet and havent seen him so happy in years on the pick for state if he gets a shot to in city he will prove himself.

Monas and whatmough, work effort in defence was what steppa and scotty should be studying this week, they are true workmen for our side and lokk dangerous EVERYTIME they are near the line even when 40 points down, love it....these for players make me belive we are true contenders after tonight. Along with kylie as long as he dont pull off a hoppa.

How about monas, bk, steve and the youngster whatmough standing in front of webb and civo tonight?????? I love that commitment. This lose is a one off If they don't loose that game, all had a laugh on emselfs afterwards and thought they were a let down...ahahha,love the idea they are dissapointed and want to try harder.

all in all, I truly belive this may be the bast game of the year for us so far, we now know where we have to be and the second fourty showed we were willing to run, and fit to do so, until the very end, can't wait to see the broncos at brookie..

I forgot alot lol, but hey, I'm drowning my sorrowso if this makes no sence dont go to hard on me, I'll give a more disturbing vie3w in the morning I'm sure, And remeber afe wmore lads who need a g up or a wrap.
You make some good sense here - maybe more than when you are sober!!! !drunk:

I will be very surprised if Dessy takes the axe to the squad. If Kylie is suspended and Hecks and Kite are out our depth will be under pressure. (Capt Obvious strikes again!)
I should have also mentioned although I gave kennedy and steve some wraps it was mainly in defence, reliasing they are veterans on a losing team if kennedy and even the less then 100% king had the same impact and effort in the second half attack that they did in the first the score may have been 38-26 or so...we really lost the effort in the second. Even though we didn't get alot of possesion in the first the forwards had the legs pumping at all times...guess age is a bitch no matter how much passion you have :eek:( We lost momentum and effort in both attack and defence in the last twenty but still came up in the secong half, we may have been well beaten but I still take something out of that and hope we don't go too hard on the boys...if we win two or three in the lead up to the eels I feel we will have agood show the second go round....!@#$ brisbane...we will worry about them come september.
Can somebody sober tell me if Stewey was brilliant or terrible !
I saw both but I'm seeing double. ;)
I saw both aswell, under the high ball in big games he has some work ahead, but getting us out of trouble at ground level he was as sound as you would like. I also belive he needs to back himself more often but I'm sure the confidence will come with experience.
And this one time, at band camp.

Sorry, nexy time I'll crucify the world and burn our coaches at the stake :p

This game wasn't half as bad as I read on the AE updates, no matter how much I liked em (well the idea atleast)
I just am lost for words. We weren't THAT bad and yet got flogged. The first half conceeded thirty points but the best thing about it was our defence. I was watching the game with a whole bunch of 15 to 25 year Manly fans & none of us could come up with anything better than "Manly weren't bad, they just f...ed up". ;) %-6 :eek:(

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