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Rose is probably on a six figure sum and he doesn't even have the dedication to watch what he eats. And Hasler is "not concerned about it".

How well has Cosgrove gone since he was stood down by SA for weight issues? Why aren't these fools being held accountable?

Can you imagine a CEO returning from holiday with a ten day growth, wearing shorts and thongs on his first day back and hungover from a week of binge drinking and a snort of cocaine in the limo on the way into work to boot?
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Hasler should be concerned about it.

Although I dont agree with the comparison of a footy player attending preseason training a little out of condition to a ceo returning to work with a 10 day growth, in shorts and high on cocaine etc.

Hardly the same thing IMO.
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if there are 25 players under the $3.25 million cap the average per player is $130k. Then you have your Orfords, Kennedys, Kites, Menzies, Watmoughs, Monas taking up quite a bit more than $130k there should be quite a few playing for under $100k.

Someone who has played only a few 1st grade games and has been brought over for depth would not be on that IMO. You said we did not want to pay over the odds for that Sakeld fella and I think we would have done the same here.

Also rumours about last year of Donald earning about $60 to $70k last season, he was regular starter in 1st grade when he got that deal. Rose is not a 1st grade starter.


Des is not worried because it is Rose that is going to punished during the offseason training.

A few extra runs up the palm beach sand hills will have rose regreting every sausage and steak sandwich that he had since the end of last season.

He will then introduce him to the club buffet which should see him lose those extra kilos in no time.
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I guess Des is hoping that rose will do a watmough and pull his finger out but every now and again it would help him to coach the kid along a little - seems that is against helping out our players.

It has to be hard as 20 years old earning a **** load of money and having nothing to spend it on but booze and food.
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Remember though guys:-

1. We get compensated for players like Beaver who have been at the club a long time in the salary cap;
2. If you get 2 additional sponsors or the like each year, you get a $200,000 salary cap increase;
3. We front loaded our 2 highest payed players. $250k is the most we currently pay a player ATM I hear.

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