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Criminal element trying to associate with the game

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by mozgrame, May 28, 2016.

  1. mozgrame

    mozgrame Well-Known Member

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    THREE star players sit at a table with a group of alleged and proved criminals two nights before a rugby league game. One of the stars is allegedly found within minutes of leaving the banquet possessing a vial full of ecstasy pills.

    That player is Parramatta star Corey Norman, rated only slightly behind that other champion, Kieran Foran, who spent last Thursday night checking out of rehab, returning to Sydney and watching as $75,000 disappeared from his betting account. Nobody knows who made the bets on dogs and horses but the money has gone all the same.

    A few days after the meal at the Chinese restaurant, the police issued the three football playing dinner guests with consorting warnings, which is an old fashioned way of alerting those without criminal backgrounds to steer clear of those who have been up to no good.

    In the meantime, the NRL, with its supposed state of the art Integrity Unit, does practically nothing. This is, of course, a club issue. This is, of course, going to be handled brilliantly by that club with no problems at all out at Parramatta.

    I’m instantly reassured that a team busted for salary cap rorting, third party arrangements and the secret squirrel deals can handle a player facing drugs charges.

    Coach Brad Arthur says Corey just loves playing footy and having fun. What a relief! We are in good hands.

    The coach is not going to discipline Corey and nor is the club (because there is nobody left to instil discipline anyway). Yes, Corey is still allowed to play footy even though police allege a vial of pills was in his hands last Friday night.

    Todd Greenberg, who is the big boss in case you might have forgotten his name, will not interfere. Why would he?

    He has a club on its knees. He has players consorting with known criminals. He has a multi-million dollar business that relies on honesty and integrity for its well being. Best to leave all of this with the Eels who have never shown us any reason not to trust them.

    What the hell is going on in rugby league? Even some members of the league media reckon it’s a player’s choice who he decides to befriend. You can be mates with anyone. No harm done.

    They’re all just mates and the more fans we have in league, the better.

    For one sobering moment, let’s return to that notorious media conference of February 2013 when the hapless Jason Clare and Kate Lundy bumbled their way through trying to tell us that drug cheating was rife, organised crime was moving in for the kill on professional sport and match fixing was but a heart beat away.

    Didn’t we love poo-pooing that stuff. Over the next two years, we were slapped into reality with the Essendon and Cronulla drug scandals, but we happily went on our merry way about the other bad bits. Australian sport was free of this nonsense.

    I’m not suggesting that anything untoward happened around that Chinese banquet table last weekend. Who’s to say some of Sydney’s more colourful identities might not simply want to befriend league players out of genuine mateship. That they are merely part of the rich tapestry of Sydney; that rugby league is part of that same wonderful mix.

    The fact remains that the police would not have issued the players with consorting notices without a genuine concern and however wrongly, match fixing springs to mind.

    Betting on league is, it is fair to say, out of control.

    When I can turn on any match and see an integrated presentation from an anchorman who is exclusively giving us the odds, who will tell me that I can now bet on how many offloads a player has per game, my alarm bells are screaming.

    But just as we have so often denied that ‘colourful racing identities’ have anything to do with betting plunges that rock the entire nation, we will do the same at any suggestion one of the sacred cows of Australian life — the footy — might be falling foul of same problem.

    Meantime, Greenberg brushes off his nice suit warns the players about consorting with dodgy types but otherwise tells the clubs to sort it out.

    He even stoops to telling the worst administered club in the league to sort it out. That crack integrity unit of his will trawl through 700,000 pages of salary cap records but there’s no way it’s heading down this slippery slope.

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    • Blucky

      Blucky Active Member

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      So what's the worst that these criminals can do ? They can't make Norman play any better, so if they are trying to fix matches it can only be by getting Eels players to throw games. I'm fine with any action that makes Eels lose more games :)
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      • MadMarcus

        MadMarcus Local Lunatic 2017 Tipping Competitor

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        Good read
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        • mickqld

          mickqld Sack Greenslime 2017 Tipping Competitor

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          What does he mean trying to associate. One of the worst of the criminal element is running the game. Whilst ever that slimeberg is in charge this garbage will continue.
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          • nightster

            nightster I feel like a young girl from Melbourne Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor 2018 Tipping Competitor

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            couldn't agree more .... beware gambling in the NRL IS out of control .... of course the gamblers among us will deny and see what they want to ... for me the game has taken a turn for the worse since betting companies have moved in ....
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            • double hoops

              double hoops Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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              An article about league which is also well written and interesting don't usually go hand in hand. Hats off to the author.
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              • Woodsie

                Woodsie played strong, done good.

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                That article was also in the telecrap this morning by Rebecca Wilson I think.
                She started to give it to parra yesterday and followed up today and included Greenslime.

                Maybe the "love in" for all things Parra and Dalai is finally coming to an end.
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                • mozgrame

                  mozgrame Well-Known Member

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                  Here's hoping, mate. :praying:
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                  • HappilyManly

                    HappilyManly MWTS Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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                    Parra players are not the only ones mixing with known criminals.

                    Players can be leaned on to run dead, fix the starting scoring play (remember Tandy), now with 'number of offloads' and other exotic bets, who knows if we are watching a game or a fix to make someone cash in a bet.:mad:

                    The NRL have let this criminal association slip in to our game. The 'second chance' bleeding hearts have removed the visible distance between criminals and players.:cool:

                    NRL is not protecting it's billion dollar brand :(
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                      Last edited: May 28, 2016
                    • Moondog

                      Moondog What's up Darth? Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor 2018 Tipping Competitor

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                      How low will some of these blokes stoop, associating with Parra players....
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                      • Loobs

                        Loobs Scott Fulton’s 5th Cousin Premium Member

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                        Maybe Norman is aspiring to be Danny Wicks
                      • HappilyManly

                        HappilyManly MWTS Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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                        He will need to augment his income, as his market value has fallen due to his immaturity in protecting his brand :cool:

                        Panthers have already said that they are no renewing Segeyaro.

                        Then again, the Dalai may just sign the two roomies at Parra @:cool:
                      • Loaded dog

                        Loaded dog flaccid Member

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                        I'm not too enamoured with the drug thing either...
                        If the NRL does not want drugs in the game then there should be a ONE strike and you are gonna pay for it rule. Big fine, hefty suspension our OUT.

                        No Pussy-footing around. Maybe this stuff is harmless, I dont care. It is not a good image for the game.
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                        • yokahontas

                          yokahontas Well-Known Member Premium Member

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                          Agreed, and someone referred to it in another thread (@Ryan maybe?) - if you want to play around with drugs, save it until you retire from the NRL.

                          They can sook all they like about "just wanna play footy, didn't sign up to be a role model yada yada yada" - bottom line is, these guys get paid exorbitant sums of money to play a game; that money exists because people buy tickets, merchandise, the footy boots and headgear old mate endorses, etc.

                          If you 'just want to play footy and neck pingers with mates on the weekend', go play park footy and get a real job.

                          If you're being paid huge coin to project a clean-cut, elite athlete image, then for 10 or so years of your life, live up to it. Save the stupid and illegal sh*t until you're out of the public eye.
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                          • BOZO

                            BOZO Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor 2018 Tipping Competitor

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                            The moral of the story : You play with dogs You get fleas !
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                            • germaneagle

                              germaneagle Active Member

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                              Hard to put brains into statues.
                            • Frogz

                              Frogz Well-Known Member Premium Member

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                              Amazing that if these guys are such bad doods, why the hell does Star Casino have them in their establishment.
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                              • Mark from Brisbane

                                Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

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                                There's no doubt betting has been bad for the game.

                                I don't bet apart from jamming $50 on at the start of year year on Manly winning the GF ( waste of money this year but I made enough in 2008-11 to last about 20 years), but this constant betting push must create avenues for fraud ( and yes Tandy already charged ).

                                But of course they pay huge money to clubs, TV and the game itself so nothing is going to change.
                              • HappilyManly

                                HappilyManly MWTS Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                                +19,035 /368
                                The money launderer may not have tried to enter the Casino. The restaurants are outside of the gaming area.

                                Casinos are vigilant in keeping gamblers, who may cast doubts over their integrity, far away from the tables.

                                It's really interesting to read how they lead other agencies in facial recognition, cash movement analysis and other aspects of behaviour that help Profilers. @:cool:
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                                • Bird of Prey

                                  Bird of Prey Active Member

                                  +296 /30
                                  This is a real issue criminal elements are creeping into the game , for what purpose? I don't think the powers that be have any idea how to deal with but one thing for sure those players at the table don't need a slap on the wrist should be suspended to make a point.

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