Credit were its due!


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OK I’m an exponent of wanting to see the knockers giving credit were its due. This is very few and far between coming from them. But I’ll take some of my own medicine and “give credit were it due�

Sam Harris had one of his better games especially in the first half. The try from that top kick from Monas was sensational, his defence and attack was a good improvement. Witts and Monas long kicking game was top notch. Alberts had a strong game, he is the goods. Randall had a reasonable.

Tonight was the night for Mattai & Kane Cleal to show that they were NRL standard; sadly they were an absolute disgrace. They single hand idly gave the tigers the first half, they gave away penalties, dropped of tackles and basically showed a complete lack of discipline and they didn’t improve in the second half. If Mattai gets re-signed I’ll be amazed. From tonight’s performance he should never get in ahead of Stephenson again in 2005.

Our attack was as diabolical as our defence. For the first time this year I will say that Monas and Witt had absolutely NOTHING. Witt continues to offer nothing with the ball in hand. Monas showed a complete lack of vision and composure, very disappointing indeed.

All this shows that our team has nothing without Kennedy, Menzies and Watmough. Is it good enough to say “how can we expect to win without those guys� to that I say. Without them we looked like a team destined for the wooden spoon. We weren’t even competitive. The young guys (Mattai & Kane Cleal) should have stepped up and at least kept there noses clean and composed instead they created havoc for there own team.

So there you have it, “credit were its due�!


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No dude, sorry mate - I agree with what yoy said entirely.
I dead said have a speach impediment when I type...LoL..Sorry mate...When are Jas & I coming around?


Byso, all night i just couldnt believe how Witt and Monaghs kicked straight there back three, constantly never putting them under pressure giving them easy returns, disagree there mate,,, as for the rest, agree totally, we lack leadership,direction and composure when under pressure.


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Pepsi, There were a few good kicks that required line drop outs. No kicks sailed over the dead ball line. Which was prevalent in earlier games this season.


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Agreed. We could watch a few DVD Manly victories of this year. Very Moral boosting...Oh yeah -- the girls could talk baby too!!! Six & wife should come too!!!


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Sure is today is a new day and yesterdays game will be tucked away in history with the souths loss a few weeks ago.


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Byso you summed it up. Looks like a side destined for the wooden spoon of recent weeks.

Very disapointing to see a side with such superb defense fall into nearly 300 points against in the last 10 games.

Where to from here? Wake monas up. He has been nothing since he signed his contract. Even before it. They all need a kick in the backside. Witt is better than he is playing. Harris had a good game. Leulu was quiet.

Very disapointing manly. No passion to even keep the score reasonable.


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But don't you think Mattai and Cleal were very dissapointing I think they put us under alot of pressure in the first half giving away stupid penalties and bad defence. Virtually all the tigers tries in the first half was on the back of the PLers shocking mistakes.

Then in the 2nd half Monas again panicked. If this becomes another Monas bash athon. It's plain wrong. Theres far more to it than that.

DVS Matt

I thought Matai played really strongly, he made a lot of metres coming out of our own half and gave Hicks a few opportunities in space.

Now let me start on Kane 'teflon' Cleal, he single handedly gave the Tigers 18 points, 2 piggy back penalties which gave Tigers great field position and the other time he didn't make a tackle stick, hence teflon.

I like Cleal's passion running the ball uo, but he gives away 3 or 4 penalties every game, it's just not acceptable.

You take Kane out of the game and the lucky bounce that wrong footed Witt and the game is a different story.


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Very true Matt but watching the game on TV Matai gave penalties away, backchatted and made defensive errors. Give me Steppa any day.

How good is Alberts going though?


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Byso - I think there's a thread giving credit to players - entitled "these players can hold their head up".


Journey Man
I have a good feeling about Alberts.

We might be without him this time next year. He'll score the series clinching try for Queensland.

I doubt he'll be running off Witt though.


Journey Man
if he is running off witt then he wont be scoring the series clincher.

i dont think he will crack SOO next year, but he certainly will be a chance if there are injuries

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