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Ashley Graham and David Faiumu were both injured in tonights game and will both miss next weeks game. Graham (Torn Hamstring) and Faiumu (Knee Ligament)


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I'd have preferred to see Cowboys win last night. They are going to be more desperate this weekend, though at least they only have a 5 day turnaround.


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Agree Mata, I was cheering them on for that reason. But if we are good enough it does not matter.

We won the trial there this year and almost knocked them over up there last year when they were in red hot form, we can win this one!!!!!

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Don't forget we are still missing beaver & matai plus Burns this week


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Ashley Graham
David Faiumu
Carl Webb
Luke O'Donnell

all out mean they are also pretty thin in ranks as well.


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in recent years the cows have struggles to get back up after being beaten a couple of times, im hoping we can do the same

However even if we lose we are still second outright and as long as we dont let it get us down there are no problems.


you have me to thank for graham, have him in my vrl squad

Me to Fluff along with Orford/Menzies/Tupou/Lockyer and any other NRL star thats been injured for a period of time LOL

seriouslly Graham has been finding the line so thats a boost for Manly.


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The Cowboys will be playing like it's a final next weekend. I don't feel as confident after their loss but we are in with a great shot to win it anyway.

Round 6 was just great to us. Take out the Storm's win and the results had all the teams balancing up nicely at the bottom. What a fantastic 4 point buffer.


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The thing I noticed last night about the cowboys is they like to play their back line deep. Thurston is often the 3rd receiver and likes to get the ball with room to move.

What they are looking for is the line to come up and shut Thurston and bowen down. And what souths did last night was just let Thurston and bowen play the ball a little but they held their line and weren't going to be rushed or panicked into anything because those two had the ball. And both we're pretty redundant in attack.

It reminded me of exactly what our defense has done so well. I am starting to feel more and more confident about Saturday's game.
I feel MORE confident after their loss. If the Bunnies can beat them, imagine what WE can do to them. They would have been up for our game anyway.
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Teams that have played Monday night have struggled in the next game all season lets just hope it continues.

id hardly say the sharks struggled on the weekend

Hey if they had not played Monday night they would have won by 50 :D

Let me change that to in most cases, Was mainly going on the Fox commentators going on about the Monday night curse.

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