Geez, I would have rather been playing with this guy then against him. A backrow of Webb, O'Donnell and Faumuina? That's pretty scary....
Can you imagine Lyon and Faumuina terrorising the one side of the field in tandem? I know I know the guy's got issues and would have been a big risk. Still....

The Wheel
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Here is their side for the trial

Wade McKinnon, Lance Hohaia, Manu Vatuvei, Todd Byrne, Michael Crockett, Tony Martin, Simon Mannering, Jerome Ropati, Michael Witt, Grant Rovelli, Steve Price (captain), Ruben Wiki, Evarn Tuimavave, Sam Rapira, Nathan Fien, George Gatis, Micheal Luck, Epalahame Lauaki, Sonny Fai, Corey Lawrie.


Puts our backrow the shame

I knew we shouldn't have got rid of Curtis. We could have put him in the second row with deadwood and Willo at lock to match the cowgirls backrow.

How long will Faumauina last before he decides he has had enough of the cowgirls and wants to play for someone else? Or he gets pissed and abuses a sponsor/coach/team mates?

Carl "lights on but no-ones home" Webb. He is ****e when he starts a game and only has impact off the bench and only when he is in the mood. Bennett doesn't let anyone leave the broncos if they are any good.

O'Donnell has made it clear he has had enough and wants to return to Sydney. Is his heart going to be in it this year especially if he signs a big contract soon (or has already) to play with another club next year.

And then the cowgirls have Johnathan "I am great for team morale" thurston.

They will be hard to beat at home but I don't think that they will travel well this year. I predict they will finish middle of the table.


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They have one, if not THE best backrow in the comp.

Crocker / Hoffman / Johnson aint bad either OR
Kidwell / Gulovou / Fa alongo / Widders OR
Gallen / Thompson / Bird OR
Fitzgibbon / Flannery / Harrison / Anasta / Topou OR
Thorn / Carroll / Carlaw OR
Waterhouse / Pritchard / Pulatua OR
Sonny Bill / Ryan / Matua

etc etc etc....

MOST clubs have gun backrows (I find ours a little flimsy).

It's wierd, but not many clubs have actual specialist 5/8's anymore. Backrowers numbers are good though.

The Wheel
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What about Mark Graham, Fred Teasdall & Peter Mayoh - now that was a great back row


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how can you rate ours thin yet you rate Gallen, Thompson and bird highly?

Gallen and thompson go ok, but we have beaver and watmough whom are on par with those two, then add bird - an average 5/8, no matter who grabs that spot they will be no worse than bird, probably a lot better, at least willo can tackle


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as a backrower? Neither will make more than 2m a hitup, bird might be able to float a pass but is unlikely to have any runners exept those running over the top.

And willo isnt the best option imo


What about Mark Graham, Fred Teasdall & Peter Mayoh - now that was a great back row

Not a patch on Rod Henniker, Glen Boatswain and Peter Cross. Better still what about Moore, Larson and Fairleigh. Manly would die to have a backrow now of those 3 in their prime.


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I would hardly call our backrow flimsy.

Menzies is not flimsy, remember his early form last year? Sure he fell away towards the end of the year but he was still effective.

Watmough, well we all know what he is capable of and he gets through alot of work. He will be back to his best.

Our 3rd backrower is anyones guess but it wont be Willo, some of our juniors coming through will step up!!!!


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Bird scores try's, breaks the line, and can actually turn over the ball with his defence in attack. Willow has none of these abilities. Willow wouldnt get a start in the current Souths jersey.
Team P W L PD Pts
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24 16 8 168 38
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24 14 10 122 34
24 13 11 -24 32
24 13 11 -137 32
24 12 12 59 30
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