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Journey Man
PJ mentioned in another thread his anger at how many crimes by the so-called upper echelons of society are covered up or ignored. Here's a few that make my blood boil:

The continued existence of certain bikie gangs when their promotion of the illegal drug trade is common knowledge.

Political donations by multi-national corporates and property developers.

The open corruption in the produce markets in all capital cities.

The open corruption of the oil industry.

The government granting a monopoly to one Australian company for ethanol production and closing the borders to imports. (And if you knew the story of how the current ownershipm came into possession of said company you would not want to trust them as far as you could throw them).

What are yours?


Judges and magistrates get away with way too much and there are some that shouldn't be in the job. The thing that makes my blood boil the most is the paedophiles in the system

Canteen Worker

First Grader
The cosiness of big business and government legislators. The Medical instrument industry, the cost of health care and the way that we are chasing the Americans in lining the pockets of the providers.
The way that our legal system now supports the rights of the individual against the good of society.
The way that public enterprise is sold off for short term profit, meaning that shareholders are more important than the service provided to the public, especially those less able to pay.

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
The entire judicial system is corrupt from the local courts to the High Court of Australia. The corruption is so systemic, it is continually working towards the defeat of the democratic way of life.

Bureaucracy driven government departments (quangos). They are a law unto themselves. Cannot be realistically challenged in either an administrative or legal sense.

The Australian government's appeasement of radical feminists and their ideolology by granting power based inclusion for voting alignment.

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