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Plans for Sea Eagles homeground to host music stars like Foo Fighters and Taylor Swift

LOTTOLAND could be the venue of international rock and pop concerts and top-tier sporting codes as part of a council push to bring more revenue to the ageing stadium.

At Tuesday night’s council meeting staff were told to come back by March with a briefing into options for the usage of the home of the Manly Sea Eagles.

Liberal councillor Rory Amon said there was an opportunity to expand the use of Lottoland with State Government plans to knock down and rebuild the city’s two major sporting stadiums.

He said he envisioned performers such as the Foo Fighters, Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars holding concerts at Brookvale.

In November the State Government announced Allianz and ANZ stadiums would be rebuilt.

“Those developments were proposed to occur in late 2018 and early 2019. This leaves our city without any major stadiums for an extended period of time,” Cr Amon said at the meeting.

“What that means is there will be a host of sporting and entertainment events that would otherwise occur at Allianz or ANZ which would have been their home.

“With a capacity of over 20,000 and a newly-minted B-Line in operation, Brookvale Oval has the capacity to (substitute) as northern Sydney’s sporting capital while Allianz is rebuilt.”

He said it was an idea that needed thorough investigation.

“It is a great opportunity to bring concerts, international stars, NRL games, rugby union, A-League games,” Cr Amon said.

“All those things would be an absolute boon for the area – for the economy and tourism, those kind of things.

“We need to start the conversation around how we do it. If not, why not? But if we can, how do we do it?”

A response prepared for councillors by chief executive officer Mark Ferguson said the viability of increasing the amount and type of events would be part of the briefing.

“The feasibility of hosting additional sporting and entertainment events at Brookvale Oval will be dependent on a range of factors, particularly the carrying capacity of the sports field and impact on nearby residents,” Mr Ferguson wrote.

“The Brookvale Oval sports field has capacity to meet current regular use, however a major upgrade of the playing surface is required to cope with any significant increase in use, due to the current soil profile and turf species of the playing surface and the need to provide an NRL standard sports field for the Sea Eagles.

“The scope, cost and timing of such an upgrade is yet to be determined, however this project would be in of order of $1 million.”

Initially Cr Amon called for a report into the pros and cons and the best options to expand the usage of Lottoland.

But Mayor Michael Regan told councillors they needed a detailed briefing first.

“It is worthy and it is something we need to do – but what you and other councillors around the table are not aware of is quite the extensive history behind this,” Cr Regan said.

He said since 2008 former Warringah councillors had been talking about similar ambitions. There had been quite a number of studies and reports.

“There are quite a few things that councillors need to understand about this. We need to get together and we need to find what the way forward is,” Cr Regan said.

“But we have to fundamentally involve our community in it – there are a number of directly affected residents who live right across the road, literally.

“The more you use the surface the more money it costs and the gap gets wider about what it costs and what the cost is compared to the revenue you get back. The gap just gets wider and wider.”

it seems to me that this idea has come from someone on the councils teenage daughter

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Highly unlikely the Foo"ies are going to drop 60,000 people to play at Brookie.


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Highly unlikely the Foo"ies are going to drop 60,000 people to play at Brookie.

That was my second thought. I dunno about Fleetwood Mac as I'm not 1000 years old but none of those other artists would play at lottoland 'in a pink fit'.

First thought: At least Council are talking. (talking talking talking..)
They'd better hurry up and fix things up if that's their plan. At the moment they'd be paying overs to lure The Screaming Jets to play there. We'll be lucky to have a new toilet block set up by the time the bulldozers get to work on Allianz and ANZ.

All fluff to make it look like they're doing things when in actual fact everyone is sitting on hands hoping money falls from the sky rather than seeking actual ways to get that money. "Not my responsibility, we want this, but we wont be paying, you pay..." "no, you pay".


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I bet the brookvale valley nut cases would love that, you know their views of the industrial estates would be ruined by that sort of stuff

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