Could this finally be the year of the Sea Eagle?

I haven't felt this confident since September 1997. This is our first realistic chance to trouble the trophy etchers since then. Here's why:
1. Top 4 forward pack
2. Top backrow
3. Top 4 halfback
4. Top 4 centre
6. Top 6 fullback
The key is injuries. Obviously, if one of our key guys gets injured, it hurts us more than others, because our depth is pretty poor. The only teams I fear are the Cowboys, Knights (with Johns), and an on-fire Dragons. The Tigers, Broncos and Eels can do anything on their day, but I think we can match them. Obviously it's still early.


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still to early to make predictions like this. however if we can keep our top squad on the park for most of the year we will trouble all teams.

I just hope we dont peak too early!!!!


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\"1. Top 4 forward pack\"

Hardly on a consistent basis.
kites been hot and cold

king has now strung 4 good games together
funny how some are rather slient on here today considering the hammering jason has got over the years on here


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Kite has not been that hot and cold, he has not had too many bad games for the club.

He consistantly takes the ball up and makes decent metres. Might not be playing to his price tag but he has still going pretty well imo.

King played well yesterday and has been improving each week, just needs to be consistant now.


Props often develop in their latter years. Kingy's still pretty young. He's a plus in this pack. Even when the stats haven't shown it, he has an impact because opponents would generally rather avoid him than run towards him.


I like your signature cliffy gc!!

Mona's is some what of a revelation at dummy half.... gives us 3 good options for the 5th... and he is playing some great footy... good on ya mate

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I have been critical of King in the past and have been pleasantly surprised by his last four games. Just goes to show the criticism was correct as he is now putting in and the team is benefitting from that. The criticism was warranted and the way he has played shows that his previous form was not up to standard.
Bob is right that a season of consistency is needed to fully wipe the memories of last season.


well... looks like cliffy gc changed his signature on mona's haha

I think we all have to forget about "years gone by" erase the memories of the last few years and how king has performed.. it is a new year and i'm sure jason himself has adjusted his mind to this year and this year only.. how bout a few of us do the same :)

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