Costello meets with Exclusive Brethren


UFO Hunter
Anyone who who's see anything on the Brethren would know just how weird they are. Unbelievable creepy too. I didn't realise politicians took their political interests so seriously. It just goes to show how much influence they must be having on elections given their campaign they run every time one comes around.

It makes you wonder though, just what sorts of bribes are being offered by the Liberals to keep the Brethren mouths shut.

TREASURER Peter Costello today admitted meeting the Exclusive Brethren many times but said it was "no crime".

Mr Costello's admissions come amid revelations Prime Minister John Howard privately met senior members of the religious sect, including a man under police scrutiny for his spending on Mr Howard's 2004 election campaign.

Fairfax today reported that two weeks ago in his parliamentary office, Mr Howard met Mark Mackenzie, a Sydney pump salesman whose company, Willmac, allegedly channelled $270,000 into advertising for the 2004 election in support of Mr Howard.

The Australian Electoral Commission later investigated the Willmac money, while an Australian Federal Police investigation is continuing.

Mr Costello downplayed the significance of the meetings.

"There's nothing wrong with meeting the Exclusive Brethren, they're Australian citizens just like anybody else," he said on Southern Cross radio.

"Over the years, I've had many meetings with the Exclusive Brethren, just as I have with people from other churches.

"This is no crime. In fact, the crime would be if a member of parliament refused to meet with somebody on the basis of their religious convictions.

The sect's world leader, Bruce D. Hales, his brother Stephen and another elder, Warwick John, also attended the August 8 meeting, a sect spokesman told Fairfax.

The spokesman denied the group asked for Mr Howard's help on the police probe or offered the PM assistance in his battle to retain his Sydney seat, Bennelong, against star Labor candidate Maxine McKew.

The spokesman said the elders assured Mr Howard they were praying for him, and that Willmac and Bennelong were not discussed.

Stephen Hales ran the Brethren's pro-Howard campaign in Bennelong in 2004, the report said.

It is not the first time the Exclusive Brethren have been accused of meddling in national politics.

A private detective in New Zealand claimed last year that he was hired by the Exclusive Brethren to dig dirt on Labour MPs including Prime Minister Helen Clark, and her husband.

Miss Clark said at the time that she had been told the Exclusive Brethren religious sect had hired a private detective to follow the couple.

"The Brethren stand condemned for this activity and frankly if the National Party does not now renounce any support either now or in the future from the Brethren then its credibility goes down the gurgler with them," she said.


UFO Hunter
Agree with you mate. I would love to see first hand what goes on behind the doors of that group.

Canteen Worker

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Reported today that the Exclusive Brethren met with John Howard a few weeks ago too. They are financing his campaign in Bennelong and are funding his campaign.

At a course last week I sat next to the Head of one Department of their schools. Very scarey stuff - mind control etc


Journey Man
Agree with you mate. I would love to see first hand what goes on behind the doors of that group.

they virtually own the town of Molong up here. Feathery leg central. I pity the women in the place.


UFO Hunter
I have heard they're into arranged marriages.

On a more extreme note I have also heard of incest however true that may be.

The Gronk

CW, Had any interaction with Redeemer Baptist at Nth Parra? My missus and her siblings went there for school and are still recovering from it.

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
Maybe we could name an area out in the bush Davidian Town & move them out there and start up a new branch of law enforcement called the ATF and have them monitor their every move. Sounds like a plan.


Here's hoping that they make Costello a scrificial offering to the gods.


4 corners on Monday night had something similar to this on it. Scary stuff.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
CW, Had any interaction with Redeemer Baptist at Nth Parra? My missus and her siblings went there for school and are still recovering from it.
Lived down the road for quite a while and had a bit to do with people who escaped. Pretty similar show to the Brethrens. Am good friends with a guy who crossed the leader and was booted from there. Taught a few kids who were escapees. I feel for your family - hope they are going okay.

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