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Corey Norman or Luke Keary

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by stlth15, May 13, 2016.

  1. stlth15

    stlth15 Active Member

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    With Killer and possibly Skivvy finishing up, I think we should make a play for one of the 2 mentioned. Keary would be cheaper but Norman would rip the pea hearts out of the worms - payback for Foz. Move Dylan to centre, Matt Wright to the other.

    1 Snake
    2 Jorge
    3 Dylan
    4 Wright
    5 Turbo
    6 Norman/Keary
    7 Chez

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    • maxta

      maxta Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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      Matt Wright is a backup outside back...not a starting centre.
      Walker to centre a proven option, but if Manly ever keep a fit 17, maybe can develop into the 5/8 Barrett is hoping for....admittedly a long way to go.
      Brett Stewart is looking more likely to finish up in 2016, making Turbo the fullback before long....meaning more 3/4 needed.
      Prefer to add Croker for Lyon & on the wing Rapana (who imo, would be a great centre) or Mansour on the wing.
      Look forward to see young Tom Wright who debuts in the 20's this weekend & could be a massive boost if he lives up to the hype...again, will take time.
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      • HappilyManly

        HappilyManly MWTS Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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        Keary is too small for the modern game.

        Last night he came on very late against very tired forwards and was very effective.@:cool:

        But, we need an 80 minute 5/8 .

        I would still like to test Parcell there.
        He is quick, tough and has the short kicking game already :)
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        • Dan

          Dan Kim Jong Dan Staff Member Administrator 2016 Tipping Competitor 2017 Tipping Competitor

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          This will win me any friends but I'm 80% sure this will be snakes last season too. His body isn't up to it anymore and it's such a shame because he still has the skill and the speed but like many great legends before him like kosef and Gartner his body will make the call for him.

          Contract or not I just can't see him committing to anymore. I think he will come back on the coaching staff because I don't think England is an option for him either.

          Sad sad thing to think about I've watched and grown with his career.

          What that means is we will be making a big dip into the market again this end of year. I would say we will have to target outside backs. I just hope we can uncover a talent like Brett again because I don't feel like we have one waiting like we did when Brett was waiting to make his debut.

          Anyway I'm not sure we will be able to target a 5/8 unless we are keen to move Walker to the centres.

          I would be ok with us putting API in the halves and Walker to centre then targetting some more wing and centre spots.

          I think the bigger question out of all of this is, who is captain next year? Myles hasn't earned it yet.

          I'd throw co-captain at Jake T and DCE.
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          • Rusty Cage

            Rusty Cage Active Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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            With Lyon and seemingly Snake finishing up this year, there will certainly be dollars for at least one quality back.

            I'm still a fan of a bigger running 5/8 ala Morgan, Austin, complimenting Cherry though.
          • mbe

            mbe Well-Known Member

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            I agree and who will be goal kicker. I saw Brett play recently at Brookvale and I feel he is really feeling his hammies. He admitted at one point he came back too early and I think it shows. It's sad to see these last 3 top players finish but we've been in this position so many times before seeing our favourite players retire and wondering about the future only to see the next group of champions appear out of nowhere. We have now a young team and they deserve our support just as the teams in the past. You never know we might end up with another Lyon, Stewart or Matai to cheer on.
          • Darren

            Darren Well-Known Member

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            I keep hearing that they think Tom Wright is the future 5/8. He's been training with firsts all along and I hear Barrett spends a lot of time with him.
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            • Peter C

              Peter C Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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              Norman is on around $600,000 at Parra now, he will be looking at around $8-900,000, when you consider what they paid for Foran, and for us to entice him away from there, we are looking at nearly Foran type money.
              Can't see it happening.
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              • Turbo

                Turbo Well-Known Member

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                Yes but will he be ready by 2017? It's a MASSIVE RISK going into the 2017 season without an established half. Tom could will be ready by 2017, guess we will find out tonight how good this kid really is...
              • MightyEagles

                MightyEagles Well-Known Member

                +432 /9
                He may not be ready for 2017 but if we don't blood him then what do we do? We are not going to sign someone for 1 year and hope Wright is ready the year after. Nobody will come here on a 1 year deal IMO
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                • Turbo

                  Turbo Well-Known Member

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                  As for Keary or Norman? We will get neither IMO. Keary is good player but wouldn't suit DCE. Norman is an absolute star, but I can't see us matching any other teams offer. He is asking for way to much for us. The plan could be sign green on a 2 year deal and bring in Tom wright when he is ready. DCE either needs an organisational half with him eg. Foran. Or a running half eg. Morgan, Milford. I also wouldn't mind if the club went after Carney. He is a great organisational half but I doubt the NRL will let him back.
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                  • bennyeagle

                    bennyeagle Well-Known Member

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                    Got a few family member that are in the know down on the beaches through A grade footy and direct connection to cliffy. They have it on pretty good authority that both baz and bozo will keep keeping walker at 5/8 no matter the circumstance and that tommy t is a centre in the making. Which leaves is one hell of a conundrum at the back! Realistically the way it's looking, Lyon is gone, skiv is being shown the door. Snake looks like he's done.

                    Which leaves us down two centres and a fullback, the talk of the town is that we want another middle forward. In reality if we go down that path we're going to be massively short in the backs!

                    02. Taufua
                    03. Tom. T
                    05. Wright
                    06. Walker
                    07. DCE
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                    • Turbo

                      Turbo Well-Known Member

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                      Wright won't be centre he is at best a winger but not in our top grade team to slow we need more pace. Snake will be gone also.

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                      • Turbo

                        Turbo Well-Known Member

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                        Mate Tom will not be centre long term. No matter what you here he belongs at the back. We are ruining our future if Tom isn't fullback. And walker also will never become a 5/8 which will be another blow to our future.
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                        • Nordburg

                          Nordburg Well-Known Member

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                          Walker became available before many thought so Manly jumped before anyone else could get him knowing Lyon or Matai would be gone next yr.5/8 is just a stop gap measure at the moment
                        • swoop

                          swoop Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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                          Keary has been chased to play union.
                        • Eagleheart

                          Eagleheart Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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                          Third choice for me..........neither..............!!
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                          • double hoops

                            double hoops Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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                            We don't want Keary. He may look good in attack behind a very dominant pack, but we can do much much better.
                          • robbiea

                            robbiea Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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                            Ever hear of a guy named Dce ?He says "Hi"
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