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Quite astounding to hear the commentators speculating that opinion on Manly is still split - pretenders or contenders.

And a question mark over our pack???????

What do they have to do?

Fact is, we're winning the tight games in gritty fashion and we're running teams down after trailing at half time. Our defence leads the competition.

Exactly the ingredients you look for in finals football - as Gould will no doubt start rabbitting on about in a fortnight's time.


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During the first half, Ikin said something along the lines of 'The Eagles are struggling to score points' despite the fact we'd only been down their end twice and scored two tries (if you count Menzies'). And yet the Bronco's had set up camp down our end of the field for the first half hour and had only 2 points to show for it! Farkin dope.


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If we win the whole thing what excuses will come up? Poor comp, skill level is poor etc etc etc.

We have been just as consistant as Melbourne, our worst loss was to the dogs, was that about 18 points? Only really blew out in the last 10 minutes as well.


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The officiating was absolute crap. I rang my Broncos-supporting Dad at half time and put my own boys on the phone to him to tell him what they thought of the ref.

They were not kind. My five year old wanted to bring down Gandalf's "word of power".


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His 10mtrs for the broncs was a disgrace.

Can I also add, if we are held down, wrestled in a tackle and drop the ball because of it... CAN WE GET A PENALTY.

Its the one area we struggle to get any leeway and yesterday was shocking from that goose, whoever he is... what's he got 12 games under his belt? Rookie.


Journey Man
The ref must have had some sort of injection before the game. He lost the use of his right arm.


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Probably that we \"bought\" a Premiership.

Mate - the crap about Manly and her juniors is now off the mark if you ask me. Here's a list of players that have never played with another club, and or/ have come through our junior ranks:-

1. Brett Stewart
3. Steve Matai
6. Clint Halden
8. Jason King
9. Matt Ballin
11. Anthony Watmough
12. Steve Menzies
13. Glenn Stewart
17. Adam Cuthbertson

The clubs starting to produce our own, so whoever says we have bought a premiership, is a fool.

Voss is the type of person who would say this. He predicted us to come 15th the idiot, and the Sunday Roast guys basically laughed at him !!


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It's curious what quals you need to be on channell 9. Gould isa fat pig no-nothing, Voss is a half-wit, Ikin is a blabbering tool, Mother Johns is/was a very ordinary 5/8 with a famous brother who tries the funny stuff, which to me never quite comes of and the head commentator, name escapes me, is in love with the full eels squad. Can any one apply? needs a complete clean out.


Winging it
It actually got worse as the press continued with their summation of the game. The headlines were all about how hard done by the Broncos are, their perilous roster, the gigantic blow when Berrigan came off. Nothing about the fact they offered nothing and we keep breaking hoodoos, following on from both Cronulla and Parramatta. As CW says it keeps us under the radar but the one-sided dribble is beyond annoying.

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