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Controlled Footy

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Kiwi Eagle, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. Kiwi Eagle

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    That is how we played last night, it was good to see. We seemed to know what we were going to do, when we were going to do it, and it paid off. The past few weeks we have looked like headless chickens running around in a panic and pushing things, that wasn't evident last night, and it certainly showed. I sent a message to a mate last night saying that the 1st half was probably our best half of footy for the season

    We didn't throw the wild offload or pass, which meant we often had good field position to work in, and that was backed up by the best kicking game we have seen from a Manly side this season, from Orford, Lyon and even Ballin with a nice kick or 2.

    I listened with interest to the commentators in the Eels v Warriors game mention there is a theory going round that in the last 4 weeks, with finals spots up from grabs, the referee's will not want to be blowing their whistle too much so they control an attractive game, and I think we saw evidence of that theory last night, and imo that can only be a good thing for us leading into the finals. I don't think there was 1 penalty for inside the 10, or for slowing the play the ball.

    Hard to fault many of the players, most stood up and played well

    My main concern in our side at the moment is Matai, He seems completely down on form, not getting as many opportunities, but he is not hitting the line as hard as in the past either. We need him firing to be in with a decent shot this season. Is hard to remember a Matai special since that Harris hit either.

    Bailey is not looking an penetrative with the ball now as he did earlier on in the season as well, where he always had his head through and arm free

    I am really enjoying Jason King at the moment. With the tape around the head, he is just looking like an old school front rower, running hard, and tackling hard. Perry and Kite were an improvement last night, and to me it seems Des has pulled back Rose's minutes, I want to see him on the park more

    Lyon, still quiet for me, but was better last night, and he certainly helped Orford a bit who nobody could have any problems with last night could they ?

    Wolfman, a sign of a few whiskers returning, and a sign of better form returning. It should be written into his contract that it doesn't come off during the season

    Defensively, although we held them to 12, still quite a bit to work on in the next week. Will be a big game next sunday

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