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Fluffy, after all the calls that went OUR way tonight, are you still screaming conspiracy?

Good effort by the boys, but we had some very lucky calls tonight.

Looks like Hicksy's last game for the Eagles.


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I can't see how the calls wnet our way. They did everything they could to put Souths into the game by awarding them the first 4 penalties.

and we all know the Rabbits fans will whinge for the next 18 years about that late hit on Orford - but run it at real speed and tell me Rogers wasn't hell bent on taking him out!

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At the game it looked like Orford was hit and put down. We got penalised in the first half for stuff that they didn't. He seemed keen to take the home crowd out of the match early on.


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He let a hell of a lot of wrestle go on in the tackle. did they once get penalised for holding down?


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i thought the ref was even tonight, 50 - 50 calls went either way and there seemed a fair bit of evening up throughtout the match


At the ground the Souths ten was a joke, and they were laying all over us in the tackles.

The half time penalty count was ridiculously lop-sided towards Souths - a number of the things we were pinged for they were doing as well.


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The King strip right in front of the ref and touchy.

And the Orford penalty, which was when the scores were locked at 6 all. That should never have been a penalty.

Exactly the same scenario as the Warriors game when we were in the match.


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And the Orford penalty, which was when the scores were locked at 6 all. That should never have been a penalty.

All i'll say is that if the roles were reversed and it was Manly on the receiving end of that penalty, I would have been spewing!


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And what about the no try's. The NRL always want to give a leg up to Souths and last nights game proved it once again. Ants, a late hit is a penalty, especially these days on kickers.

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I have seen it a number of times and have no problem with the penalty. It doesn't show on the TV angle but he was moving diagonally across towards Orford and whilst he didn't have to get out of the way he did move directly into his path and he knew where Orford was.

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