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Congratulations from the Bradford Bulls Fans

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Guest, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

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    I just wanted to congratulate your boys on a brilliant win today

    As a life long bradford bulls fan it was fantastic to see you give Leeds a lesson in Rugby League

    We're going through a bad patch at the moment so have not had the bragging rights over Leeds just recently, so thanks for putting them in their place for us!!

    I thought Whatmough was incredible, could we have him when you've finished with him too (just like menzies!  ;))

    And your stand off (the ginger lad) bossed the game for me

    Anyway, congratulations again, you've made quite a few fans from the bradford fan base with that win tonight

    Take care

  2. eagle_predator

    eagle_predator Active Member

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    Cheers mate thanks the rap.
  3. nita

    nita Member

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    Thanks mate  ;D Appreciate the support!

    Slightly random question - I'm thinking of supporting a single ESL team.. I used to half support Leeds Rhinos (because i'm a big Leeds United fan), and even though we won today, I don't really like the way Rhinos play..  Bradford was one of my possibles simply for the fact that Beaver is there.. Where abouts is Bradford in England? Can you tell me a bit about the club to maybe convince me?
  4. Ian Martin tragic

    Ian Martin tragic Well-Known Member

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    Leeds and Bradford right next to each other (can't you tell???)
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

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    I just typed a massive message and it just crashed on me and was lost forever  :mad:

    Yeah we are just west of leeds

    10,000 bulls fans cheering the manly players as they are presented to the crowd at friday nights game should be enough to convince you I hope?
  6. The Wheel

    The Wheel Well-Known Member

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    Thanks guys, with our favoruite son Beaver over there you will have plenty of support from Manly fans
  7. Mark from Brisbane

    Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

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    I have joined the "I support Bradford Bulls on Facebook.

    Any team that has Beaver in it is "my team"

    Wasn't it great to see him there tonight and interviewed as well on Sky Sports.

    Did anyone see him and Mark Bryant on their feet when the boys scored those three try's.

    Good luck to them both.

    I think Monnas and Bellie may have been there as well???
  8. rhino

    rhino Member

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    hey stanleybull ,look forward to meet you on the 10th of April when we come to that dump you try and pass off as a stadium,then you can call me to my face that we're scum.
  9. Hollywood Harrigan

    Hollywood Harrigan Member

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    Mate, take a chill pill ;D

    We know we are the "Manly" of the SL and that no team likes us... hell even the Manly fans don't like us now lol so we must have a bad rep somewhere and to be fair I like that. It means we must be doing something right.

    As I say, chill ;)
  10. rhino

    rhino Member

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    Sorry Hollywood point taken,i'v o.d. on the chill pills.Them dulls fans just get my back up. :mad: :mad:

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