Congrats all our rep players! Tolu, Haumole, Christian etc

Man Tolu is having one hell of a year, so happy for him. Playing fullback for your country at the age of 19 in your rookie season, so happy for him and he's gonna kill it. Big congrats also to Haumole and Christian. Haumole better be starting, no idea how stili has a spot over him in the starting lineup. Maybe because Haumole offers middle cover as well but he's the in form edge backrower of the comp atm so would like to see him where he belongs.
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Well done! I was about to mention that, although that is the name of our Union Team. Still the Sea Eagle is regal in our culture. Hence why I love this Club lol

Well done to the boys on squad selection, would have loved to have Manase in the mix aswell.

Ah thanks TE, my shift buddy is Tongan and I've obviously mixed my national teams up there!
I believe he said Koula translates over as Gold?!
Minutes from a recent NRL meeting:

Hey guys why don’t we schedule the origin game and pacific tests for the same week? I can’t think of any reason why that would be a problem? Can you?

No! Let’s go for it, genius idea!
When should those Tests be scheduled then?
It's only a game ....
Four Sea Eagles selected for Samoa

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Great news for our players, especially Schu and Sipley. Now I'm going to have to watch plenty of matches that week :)
Marty looks to be one of the most senior in the Samoa squad, maybe he'll be named captain? Or possibly Aloia?
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I will now be watching these games with interest. Representative selections are an enormous experience for players and is a big part of their growth as senior players. Well done lads!

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