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put this in technical with the "Nerd Wars" which are the funniest couple of threads Ive seen in a long while :lol:


I'm glad you can understand what they are on about Fro. All I know is that Zap is destroying Byso :D .


Kim Jong Dan
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I'm glad you can understand what they are on about Fro. All I know is that Zap is destroying Byso :D .

byso believes its the other way around


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Zap... by re-do the network, I mean unplugging all the bloody computers and putting them all back cause some twit reckons they can make them all go faster... And whaddya know, it doesnae work and then they try to fix it. So you've got leads everywhere, some computers without power or without access to the network, some computers plugges into the others etc...Generally the whole thing is f*cked.

We only had one room on a token ring... 5 computers. I used to spend hours in there fixing that every week cause of a smart arse.

It used to happen once a month until I threatened the people who did it... LOL


Kim Jong Dan
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I never let anyone rearrange a network, no matter whether they reckon they can make it 5000 times faster, cause they always break it. the tinkerers always break networks


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I never let them! There were times I had to go to class... or play handball etc...

They are buggers. Total buggers. Experiences at school were what prevented me from taking up USYD at their offer with computer science after the HSC. Dunno how you can do it though dude...

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