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Jul 15, 2004
Along with strong defence the essential feature of an outstanding team is Composure.

The ability to withstand repeated sets in your own quarter, to soak up pressure and to score tries when the opportunities present are what sets the great teams apart from the good.

Often it is only confidence and experience that produces the qualities to allow teams to compose themselves and overcome the odds to win.

Self belief, commitment, dedication and a refusal to blame outside parties for the fortunes of a team are required.

Manly teams of the last few years have lacked this vital ingredient and in 2004, every game that we had to win somehow slipped from our grasp until near the end of the season. We lost all the close ones barring the Storm game at the very end.

It is hoped that the emergence of Monaghan as a captain, the injection of Kite, Kennedy and Hill plus the experience of the key players such as Stewart, Menzies and Co will instill greater composure and see the Manly teams start to resemble those in previous eras when you knew the Sea Eagles could soak up pressure and return it with interest, big team!!!!


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Jul 19, 2004
How true and Composure is something that's lacking in Hopas game.

Lets hope we hold out the onslaught with solid defense then where them down with our superior fitness and patience.


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Nov 12, 2004
We have the bigger pack out of the 2, our starting pack is about 20kg heavier, and we have a 4 forward bench to their 3.

Im not saying they wont play hard - but we have the size to match it and they should be hoping we tire as well.

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