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The Wheel
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Have a read of the comments at the bottom of the jamie Lyon article in the Telegraoh - hilarious


Journey Man

They will be so intent on closing down jamie that robbo will be left alone. Another hatrick onn the way.


Reserve Grader
I guess Jamie could have come out and said he was glad he left and it was the best decision he ever made. This would have come close to starting world war 3!

Maybe this way it would soften the blows and maybe not fire up the skum as much? Don't know, just a thought.


i suggested to their fans that they should get there early, as there isnt much room to park their trailers! nothing like a Parra Manly game to bring out the elitist in me LOL

The Wheel
Premium Member
I just posted a comment - not sure if it will get published as I compared Parra supporters to effluent & rockapes.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
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"David Griffin >> Where are local juniors? like Steve Menzies, Anthony Watmough, Adam Cuthbertson and a whole host of other players that have come up from Harold Matthews shield, Flegg and Premier League into our team. Umm I would say they are... still in teh team, considering over the past two seasons we have bought a grand total of 3 big players, Orford, Bell and Lyon. Lets go through Parras list of nuffies.

Still I like your spirit, it seems you have enough brain power left to grow out your mullet and fit in with the unwashed herd from whence you came"


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
i cant believe they published mine ha ha

The Wheel
Premium Member
Could be firey on the hill on Friday - lucky I am in the jane Try Stand


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
just thought i would throw one more in there to fire up the mullets

Ahhhh Parra supporters, the upper echelon of the west! How fondly I recall walking out of the 2005 semi-final at parra stadium watching the mullet brigaide of 5 parra supporters beating up a clearly mentally disabled parra supporter. So righteous and so wholesome are these bleating morons that not only do they fight between themselves for the biggest bogan award but they also challenge those incapable of defending themselves

I wonder why Lyon didn't want to stay. I dare say a shanti-shack in the middle of a sewerage plant would be more desireable than a home in the glorious cusp of the west.

Bring it on bogans!


Journey Man
I wrote something along the lines of:-

I went to Parramatta once. I learnt my lesson though. I saw a mattress on the footpath, with an empty needle and long neck resting against it. I believe rent on this property is only $150/week. Could be a real go-er for most Parra fans.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
The comments posted here make me feel sorry for Parra supporters.

Move on and get over it. If your vindictive jibes are representative of your club it is just plain sad. To dwell on events of two years ago is just immature and small minded.

Players come and players go - you got rid of Brian Smith - who was the main problem as he wouldn't cut Lyon any slack when his girlfriend was losing a child. You should be happy to get rid of him. Lyon is class as a person to even admit what is included in the article and the pea-brained responses from some of the Parra respondees says it all. They sound more like Bulldog fans!!

Get a life - family is more important than any thing and I have more respect for that player that he stood by what was most important to him.

Maybe Fuifui is going to do to Kite the same as last time and try to decapitate him. Go for it boys - as there are twelve other players on a paddock who have the ability to cut you to pieces.

All is ask is don't bring your small-time prejudice and hatred to Brookie. It is a happy place and will be even happier when the Mighty Sea Eagles spank the Eels and send them back with their tails between their legs.

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