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I would like to state that this forum has no official view or interest in any Manly supporter clubs/groups. Our Primary aim is to be an independent site which allows Manly supporters resources and a forum to discuss the Manly Sea Eagles. Views expressed here are the opinions of individual posters and not necessarily those of the owner of the site or other regulars here. Healthy debate and opinons are welcome, even controversy, but not anything that is libellous, defamatory or likely to detrimentally affect the club. Posters should feel free to say what you think though. That is why the site was formed - healthy unconstrained debate.

We don't pretend to be an official club site as we are a loose connection of supporters who met on the net! We do recognise that sites like this can operate with an independence that can't happen on ME, and that will cause controversy at times. I make no apology for the opinions on this site, though no offence has ever been intended and some of what has stirred things up was sarcastic and satirical rather than malevolent.

Manly Eagle Rockers and One Eyed Eagles are two other reputable Manly sites, though I will say that many involved in this site are very proud of what Daniel and a few others have achieved in a very short time.

Members and visitors to this site are free to join and particpate in whatever group they wish without fear or favour. Some members here belong to the Rockers and are as welcome as any other supporters. Others are not members of the Rockers and that is fine too - some members have been banned from other sites. There is no screening of members of AE (apart from e-mail validation) and to my knowledge only one member has ever been banned, and he was here to stir up trouble!

Greg Presbury and others have attempted to soothe the waters between fans of our great club, to their credit. Support our club, join with other Manly supporters and please put this silliness behind us.

We have a winning team to support - Enjoy.

(I have left this thread unlocked but will lock it if it collects baggage or material that is contradictory to the intent of the post!) These views my views rather than those of Daniel and the other Mods of AE!
:roll: the fact that posts like this need to be made is very sad but very well said CW

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