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Journey Man
This immigrant is fascinated to note that the hottest news issue of today failed to get a mention at ST today.

Surely all you good old WASP kiddies can't condone what is going on in Cronulla?

Though maybe I should have expected differently given the comments that normally get thrown around whenever talk turns to the Bulldog fans.


Journey Man
i dont condone it but im not suprised.

Its shame that none of those that caused it would have had the balls to turn up either

I also dont condone those cowards that stabbed a man later the night and threatened to rape the 3 women he was with. Ive heard about too many rape case that involve lebanese to feel too sorry for them - however its not the ones that cause the trouble that copped it.

Just to show how smart they are they went to maroubra and smashed 50 or so cars. Bet the bra boys are happy about that.

Mata - do you condone them beating the 2 lifeguards??

Do you condone them hunting in packs and raping numerous anglo saxon women??


First Grader
It looked shocking on TV. The fools were carrying on like drunken hoons with there VB bottles.

But something has to happen. To stop the hatred between groups.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
too controversial a topic. I have my opinions and on this one i will keep them to myself

The Fonz

Reserve Grader
**** it i'll have a crack. I reckon it's great. Not from a racial point of view though. But because if the police can't do anything to touch these fools who run around in gangs (ethnic or not) then the public has to. The best way to go about it wasn't to bash random wogs and smash random windows though.

The Wheel
Premium Member
It is amazing that anyone can be on the side of a group of people who have stalked & ganged raped young teenage girls, who triumph Osama Bin Laden & support the killing of innocent people while plotting to blow up parts of Sydney & Melbourne, who terriorise many parts of Sydney (eg Rocks, Brighton, Cronulla) through intimidation only in large numbers.

I agree with the Fonz these grubs only know the rule of the gun or baseball. The cops don't do it so someone had to stand up for all Australians (white, black, yellow or green).

Before you play your rascist card Matabele go to the court transcipts of the recent rape cases and read of these scums were saying about Australians.

If they don't like us or the country get on the next plane back to the middle east where they can go play with grenades with their muslim brothers.


First Grader
apparantly one of them went up to a aussie girl last night and stuck his hand up her skirt and said "im going to rape you, you aussie s!ut"

these are the sorts of animals we are dealing with. I dont for 1 minute condone what went with the random bashings of middle eastern looking people on saturday but I can see why it happened.

Spuds Bodyguard

Reserve Grader
This tension has been building for years, not just in the Shire. Whilst I do not condone the behaviour of the rednecks in Cronulla, there were also a large number of normal, respectable, decent people demonstrating that they will not tolerate being threatened by this scum any longer.
This of course does not get any media attention as it is not sensational enough.


It is fairly disgusting that some of the apparent 'Aussies' stooped to the others level and lower by chasing one or two people BUT all the same this has been happening around the streets of Sydney for a long time with some Middle Eastern men, and while you can’t condone the reaction, it has been building towards it for a long time.
Bob Carr should shoulder a fair bit of the blame for doing nothing in the past when trouble was obviously brewing.
While I'm not racist in the slightest all this seems to be prevalent with Middle Eastern men – obviously not in touch with the way you should treat people and women.
The way the situation was handled on the weekend has made things twenty times worse and I’m pretty glad to be based in the country at this stage in proceedings.
The ‘Aussies’ needed grog the other day to fire up and carry on like tools- the Lebanese gangs and what have you, from what I’ve seen in nightclubs and on the streets over time, are farking mad and will stop at nothing in their fits of rage- as was evident by their running down a residential street and smashing random cars and people- many of whom were women.
I worry about how much this could possibly escalate!

The Wheel
Premium Member
Here is an example

In Bay Street, Brighton-le-Sands, a young woman was sitting in a car when men approached and opened the door to her vehicle and put a hand up her dress, saying: "We are going to rape you, you Aussie sluts."


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
it is impossible not to sound racist in this thread. Guys I don't really think that this topic needs to be discussed in too much details here, it is pretty clear how most feel!

The Wheel
Premium Member
Matabele should be convicted on the new sedition law - ie trying to incite violence


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Untill anyone complains i'm sure all is fine Dan!

byso what do you think my post is???

let me put things this way too. Are you looking forward to the next doggies game at brookie?
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