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A very dissapointing crowd of 8000 present at the City vs Country game. Lots of green grass evident.

I presume the locals were petrified of being rodgered again, though at least there were few Bulldogs involved in the game itself.


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The whole spectical seemed quiet and slow - even the game itself...but maybe that's just me viewing it that way.


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The plan was to play the game slowly so the crowd would understand what was happening.


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i found the game boring apart from the last 15 minutes
no atmosphere little intensity

Although I loved watching Kimmorely get knocked out. That is a highlight I could watch tie and time again the little money stealing ****!

the hlves ere ****ing attrocious o n both sides. Like watching Monas and Mullane combine


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Dubbo managed double that crowd last year. That game was crap too though. You could tell the players just didn't want to get hurt.


That Broncos and Souths game was terrible. I had 17 hours sleep yesterday and still found a way to manage another nap.

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Add that to the low standard of the Dragsters Penriff game which was a shocker. Both teams tried hard to lose with Penrith doing best on that stakes!!


Here's the problem.

The salary cap is over doing it's job now. We are watching some of the worst football we have seen in years because with the salary cap constraints clubs are forced to play players who aren't quite up to first grade IMO.


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Why is it the salary cap Nutz? 'Cos they can't keep all players in one club?

More likely to be the addition of the Titans and another 20+ players taken from the rest, and Nevilles that wouldn't get a look in now playing.

Those two games last night were disgraceful.


To be honest, I don't know if the standard will pick up too much.

I think that's just the way it is now.. I hope i'm wrong.

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