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C'mon its why we love em


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Dec 13, 2004
C'mon its why we love em

Manly has built up a fine reputation as being a ruthless club, Signing struggling clubs best juniors, letting go of loyal players, hoarding talent and for this and our winning culture we were hated by all and sundry

For the last 7 years we have moaned about how we have lost that hate, we have bitched about having nice guys like peter Sharp in charge. Watched as "Good Blokes" gave us poor results (Reeves, Ferris, Torrens).

And now just when we start to get that hatred back, we all have a moral dilemma, "oh how can we do this" you say "i've supported for 20 years and this makes me sick" you say.

C'mon lets face, we all love Manly because we dont let anyone get in the way of our success, its the foundation that our club has been built on. Now i bet that when the dust settles on this whole saga our playing roster will be significantly improved next year and all we will be talking about then is winning a premiership.

* for thse that don't know, i do want Mona's here next year *


Kim Jong Dan
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Jul 15, 2004
C'mon its why we love em

Disco i agree with everything you have said including the last part in asterix

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