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I've been a little surprised at the amount of unrest in a number of clubs this season. Its staggering to see the number of clubs that are having problems.

Newcaslte: Andrew John's is finally gone and it seems Brian Smith is hell bent on making sure quite a few players follow the trend and move on next season. Brian Smith has said that the club is only now entering the playing market to bolster their ranks. Outsiders can see that its panic stations at Newcaslte with reports that 9 players are leaving but just 1 has signed.

Roosters: It started last year for the Roosters. They sack what most people would admit was a very good coach in Stuart and hire Chris Anderson. However their problems don't go away. After a terrible start to the season their coach is right up their in the Odds on who will go first. Rumors that the players are very down about the situation just won't go away. Many tipping Chris Anderson to last no longer than a year if the current trend continues.

Broncos: Don't let a 71-6 win mask anything. The Broncos are in trouble this season. Tate is on his way to NZ with Hodges and Civinocieva still not signed for next season. Panthers are odds on to add one of the stars to their playing roster next season. The Broncos are facing a situation of signing big names on short contracts or signing juniors on long contract. Have the defending premiers ever started the new season so poorly? The club has been reported for salary cap breaches, possibly making it harder to keep the stars that got them a premiership.

Dragons: In all my time of watching football, I have never seen a team hit so hard from injury. But don't let it cover up the obvious problems with coach Brown. Rumor has him on the outer at the club and if he can't perform with a team full of stars in previous seasons, he has no hope in hell of getting the current rabble to perform. A number of players are on the way out and full time halfback 'Head' has been demoted for Roosters PL player 'Jamie Soward'.

Rabbitohs: A lot of people would have you believe that new owners Crowe and Holmes a Court have done wonders for the South Sydney club but their on field performance and salary cap breach will have you wondering. The club is yet to carry on with their good start to the season after winning just 1 game of their last 7. With the report that their 06 season salary cap was breached and yet they were still able to purchase Asotasi for nearly $500,000, and they almost contracted Tiquiri on the same, most would think that the cap issue is far from over with the Bunnies. Its starting to appear that if the Rabbitoh club's owner isn't throwing phones than the players are throwing punches.

Panthers: The panthers have a lot of money up their sleeves. In the market for a number of high profile players including Petero Civinocieva and Justin Hodges however their start to the season under new coach Matt Elliot has left a lot to be desired. With continuing reports that halfback Craig Gower can't get out of bed without a quick drink and Matt Elliots odds shortening on the first coach to go market, the Panthers are a far cry from their 2003 premiership winning ways.

Bulldogs: The question on every doggies fan lips would have to be: "Was Sonny Bill worth it"? It seems that the hefty price tag for one of rugby leagues supposed 'greatest players' was enough to allow Asotasi and Omeley to walk from the club. Having let Thurston slip through the net a few years back and a bunch of backline up and comers that never quite up and came, the Bulldogs find themselves outside the eight by a fair margin and rumors that the board are not happy with Steve Folkes wont help matters.

Storm: Theres no real problems on field for the Storm. They quality of players that are not even on their 1st grade roster is just staggering. But I guess the fact that a salary cap breach has been reported would go a long way to understanding just how the storm have managed a team of its quality.

Sharks: On field the sharks are a mixed packet. One week you could swear black and blue that they could challenge for the premiership and the next you can't see them making the eight. So far everything is going smoothly for the club as far as the ladder is concerned but with reports that Brett Kimorley could be on the way out next season and now Adam Dykes could also be on the way, the halves partnership for the future is looking even more shaky than Stuart Raper at his last board meeting. Many people have criticized the price paid for one of rugby leagues hottest prospects, feeling that securing the current squad for the future would have been a better way to go.

So far this season, the only clubs that I can see who are going well off field without too much fuss or problems are Manly, Tigers, Cowboys, Storm, Eels and Titans. All of whom are in the 8 bar the titans. The first year club surely has that as an excuse this season.

What are your thoughts on the trouble that so many clubs are going through this season and have I missed a team out for any reason?


Winging it
Great write-up fLIP!

I can't believe the Eels. I thought Hagan would spell disaster and my spoon bet is definitely heading for the trashcan. :( Bastards deserve to be miserable.

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