Club Presentation Is On Tonight

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The Inhouse Manly Sea Eagles Presentation/End of Season Dinner is on Tonight.

As part of the night various awards are given.

Who will win?

My tips are below:

Best and Fairest: Ben Kennedy

Players Player: Ben Kennedy

Best Forward: Ben Kennedy

Best Back: Brett Stewart

Reserve Grade Player of the Year: Travis Burns
Flegg Player of the Year: Trembath

Rookie of the Year: Ashley Alberts (though Matai will get it)

Top NRL Tryscorer: Brett Stewart

Others Awards that should be given but won't:

Disgraceful Performance of the Year: King against either Sharks or Warriors 1 hit up in a whole game!!!!!!

Plodder of the Year: Chad Randall

Try of the Year: Brett Stewart v Penrith (assisted by BK)

Spray of the Year: Terry Hill to Clint "Reserve Grade" Newton

Hit of the Year: Hoppa v Sharks

Robert Finch Relations With Referees Award: Michael Moaningham

Non Turn-up of the Year: V Sharks at Caltex/Endeavour/Ronson/etc

Media Good Publicity Coup of the Year: Club Management for the announcement that Monas was not being resigned after two Man of the Match awards in a row up to Round 13.

Best Missed Tackle: Sam Harris (take your pick!!!) (could choose any of the 60 or so from the Sharks game!)

Mistake of the Year: Scott Donald on bomb receptions against Panthers and about three other games.

Fail to Turn up Award: Manly v Brisbane after 8 players demanded to be picked in Rep sides in the previous week in the media.

Worst Haircut of the Year: Chris Hicks

I am sure other posters can think of more/better awards.

I am hoping the Annual Matabele Awards will also be on again this year. :clap:
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The Matabele Awards will be on this year.

Especially as there'll be no new OEE intro to look forward to on New Year's Eve. ;)


Kim Jong Dan
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Is anyone going to the presentaion tonight and would like to offer a report for the site?


Kim Jong Dan
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lol yeah but if someone goes from here we would be happy to get some info from them and turn it into an article
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I wont be going, i'm sure the club will appreciate my camera not there to take a photo of Monas face when he isn't called out as best and fairest :)

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