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Tom can't help himself, if the line's looking fragmented, and with the opposition falling back on their line, that's about the only time I want to see Tom do a hit up.
It’s definitely a tactical ploy for him to take that hit up on the fifth tackle. Roosters have been doing this with Teddy for years.
I guess they want a quick play the ball so the half can get a decent kick away.
Also the fullback isn’t usually involved in the kick chase so that brings another forward into play.

Ron E. Gibbs

First Grader
I'd like to see someone else taking 5th tackle hit ups
It's not so much the fifth-tackle hitups that bother me (as others have said, it's a deliberate tactic), but the first-, second-, third- and fourth-tackle ones sh*t me to tears. Mostly it's a sign of Tommy trying to take matters into his own hands because nobody else is doing the work. If our forwards are doing their jobs, he won't have to function as a battering ram all the time.


Journey Man
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Turbo is a big game player, you have to reduce his workload to get him playing finals footy. No point in getting to the finals if our best player doesn't make it on to the park.
Tom is A Big name Player indeed and arguably the Biggest in the game .
We agree on this feathered friend and that is where it will end

No one that gets wrapped up in cotton wool is toughened like steel
The harder one is made to work the more resilient they become
No point in getting to the finals if you do not have resilient fckers in your team

The moral of the story is ...
You get what you Work Very Hard for
Not what you wish for
So Work very hard and Give it all you Got !
Passive efforts are only for Pussycats and Not for Sea eagles

Its a Long Hard way to the top if you want to Rock and Roll in the NRL finals
The only way to the opposition line in Go Hard Every time
Tommy the Terror Tearing away towards the Try Line

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