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I note a fair bit of concern that we may lose Watmough. It makes me think, how often does Manly lose an established long-term player, particularly a local junior, to another club?

Take out the Super League war and the Beagles farce and the list is very thin. There are players that have been cut because of age (Vautin) or players that left because they were stuck behind an established superstar (Ivan Cleary), but how often does Manly lose a long term player at the peak of their powers?

I would contend Manly is in the top three when it comes to retaining our peak players. Any thoughts on who was the last top player we lost when we REALLY wanted to keep them? (Exclude Super League and Beagles).

Ronny Gibbs 1987?


Im sure DSM5 will give you a long list Mata as he thinks our management is quote " ****e "

i cant think of any since Ronnie Gibbs to be honest, I remember when Fatty left, as a kid i was quite upset but he was well past his best.

I remember being not happy when Iron Roberts and Ridgey turned out for other clubs but that was the SL debacle.


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Bella went to the Bulldogs after us but was very much in the twilight of his career anyway.

You could maybe argue a case for Jack Elsegood, though by the time he left us he was struggling to make the side anyway.

I just think, you look at clubs like the Dragons and Eels who are continually losing players and blaming it on the salary cap. I'm sure we hold our stars on less money because of lifestyle and loyalty.


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or maybe our accountants are smarter?

All that to say, i'll be very surprised if Watmough ends up at the DragQueens.


Isn't that cause since Super League we had crap players for a while. If we don't include SL or the Beagles then we are cutting out a lot of recent history.

Its a bit like saying ignoring the times when we didn't keep the players, we're great.

I agree that early 90s and prior we were good, but we are only truly being tested now under salary cap arrangements.

So I hope you are right, but I think its a bit early to call from recent history.


even SL days we only really lots Roberts and Ridgey, players where flying everywhere when the beagles became a team, mind you we lost Tezza and Hoppa probably at the peak of there careers, but two teams into one dont go.

We also Lost orford but gained Kimmorley LOL Irony in its most pure sence!

most other players we lost as the beagles where crap, except for mayby OMeley.

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Aaron Cannings was considered a big loss at the end of the Beagles disaster but he has not really set the world on fire.

Outside the Beagles disaster when O'Meley and a few other good players left I don't think there have been too many.

There were many that lamented the loss of Dorn, Jensen, Torrens etc but that 'bird of feather' can't see things straight anyway - as they are blindly loyal to anyone who ever wore the maroon and white.

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We lost Jye to Southern Districts hehehehe!!!
He is playing for Northern Suburbs this year!!!

Handbag went from Manly to the Waratahs and contributed in that a Semi finalist became almost wooden spooners!


It's true that not too many players have left Manly only too kick-on to greatness but as has been said previously, the salary cap has only been an issue since we've been ****e.

Time will tell.

Where did Ridge go after us ? I thought he retired.

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Ridge played with the Warriors then got involved with the boss' missus and that was about it. Kiwi can probably tell you the full and accurate story. I believe he does some TV show on league over the ditch, or at least he used to.

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Yeah Ridgey moved on to the Warriors, spent most of the time suspended or injured.

When Eric Watson took over the Warriors he was heavily involved in recruitment and convincing people to stay, and also recruited the bosses wife as CW said, Google Nicky Watson and you will see her, blonde with big fake tits

Was involved in a building business that went under and owed plenty and now owns a car wash cafe business.

His biggest success has been on the TV, he and former All Black and Kiwi Marc Ellis make an awesome team and have done many different shows over the years, the main one being Game of 2 Halves for the last 9-10 years, which is a quiz type show. Ridgey has anawful temper and they set him up with challenges and stuff and he goes right off, throwing chairs and abusing the host etc, is one of the most hated guys round LOL. Also has been hosting Celebrity Treasure Island over here, where he hooked up with and is still seeing Rebecca Loos, that chick who Beckham rooted. Were some pics going round of them on a topless beach


Cheers Kiwi.

Yeah, he was always a fave of mine.
It was great watching him from the old "Matthews Ridge" where the Arko stand is now located.


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I remember his debut game for us. It was an ABC Saturday arvo game against the Shire scum. He carved them up and kicked a bag of goals.

Favourite Ridge moment? When he was not tACKLED BY bROWN IN THE 1996 gf AND WENT ON THAT LONG RUN TO SET UP bEAVER'S TRY JUST BEFORE HALF TIME. :clap:

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I remember both those times really well. One other moment I remember was him kicking a ball out of someone's hand over the line to prevent a try.

Was a great Manly player.

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