Club culture and professionalism must improve

I really hope the Club handles off-field and on-field matters more professionally next year. Things which I think hurt the club this year:

1. Monas-gate. Rediculous in its entirety. Club must establish ground rules for handling these matters in the future. Either Mgt must put their foot down and play hardball or not. Letting it esculate really hurt on-field performance and morale I believe.

2. Leadership problems. Must be rectified. Whilst I don't doubt Monas' passion for the Club, I never saw him laying down the law to his players on the field whenever we were under the pump either. You all know who I think should replace him.

3. Season slump in form. This I put a lot of the blame on Des. The players didn't appear to be motivated or fired up in the last 3 months. Why weren't the Coaches blasting them or working on this? Can't happen again. Des is accountable for his players not performing.

4. Team selections. While we saw some guys go who didn't perfom, ie Donald and Witt, we saw others guys stay who didn't do a thing, ie King. I don't think we gave guys a go from PL who showed that they were keen and eager for 1st Grade.

5. Fighting with past legends. It was disgraceful the slanging match that was happening after the Sharks debacle. We should be embracing past legends with Manly ticker, like Krilich, not shunning them. I wish Des would get these guys down to training to show them what Manly is all about.

I hope a lot of work goes into having the players mentally and physically focused and prepared for an entire season during the off-season. You only get a 3 yr window or so to win a Premiership. I believe we are approaching ours.
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Totally agree with every point.

mgt, Dessie and Monas were the weekest links last year.

Cummings should be ashamed of the way he handled Monasgate with the press.
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Nver a truer word spoke, I agree with everything.

I am prepared to give Des the benefit of the doubt, he is trying to rebuild the club and the 'support' he has received from some quarters of the club is dubious to sya the least.
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Rebuild? Haven't we been doing this for the past 8 years now? 2006 = 9 years of re-building.
9 yrs of rebuilding is definitely too long, however we are in a seperate rebuilding phase within our long one. Pre-Sharp is Phase 1, post-Sharp is Phase 2. Post-Sharp has emerging guys like Stewart and Watmough, and superstars like BK and Orford, none of which we had in Phase 1.
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We had O'mealy, Orford, Phil Bailey, Stringer & co. though with Glenn Morrison & Matt King coming through the juniors.

This rebuilding phase is crap in my opinion mate. It's the clubs excuse for us to accept concurrent failure.

Every club that doesn't win the pennant is re-building to some extent. It's the period of time that lapses throughout the building period that tests the quality of a team. Manly has only one team that is worse. Souths.
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we have been rebuilding since we got rid of the bear scum 3 years ago!!!! Dessie had a big clean out then remember.

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