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Great getting a membership package from the club yesterday. A glossy sponsors guide was enclosed and a letter entreating me to use the supporters bus for the game passed on the weekend at Shark Park. Thanks guys, I suggest someone gets off their butt at the club and gets stuff like this out to the mail BEFORE the event.

I appreciate those who have contributed to the clubs coffers via sponsorship but this package and all the emails I get just doesn't make me want to rush out and spend with them. One typical offering is a 10% saving on refill cartridges in Mosman? - most of us are in the northern beaches and travelling to Mosman and any saving would be blown in the petrol cost. The majority of sponsors offer no special deals for members. A think-tank by Marketing could make the whole position of the sponsors much stronger. I just don't see the value proposition in most of this stuff. :cop:
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I had the leagues Club Ring me about a Month ago , offering me a great Gym membership offer , I told the Girl its a Little far from Penrith to go to the Gym at Brookvale , Wouldnt you think Being a Club Member They would Have My Details At Hand when they call ??
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sounds like a good excuse to get out of penrith to me - cant blame the club for offering that
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Dan are you Posting under Fluffys Nick ???? ;) :D

Would Love to But cant afford a $500,000 Mortgage to live on The North shore
Journey Man
f it wasnt for my half arsed writing you would never have a comeback

good thing i dont give a **** about spelling


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I don't need to try hard for a comeback when dealing with those of lower intellect such as your good self Fluff.

:drunk: :drunk:
Journey Man
fro you obviously dont understand teh meaning of lower - the word you are looking for is superior ;)


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yes Fluff, the word I am looking for is actually delusional.

It's in the dictionary in the D section if you need a definition :)
Journey Man
If you north sydney boys think the "enticements" are useless, spare a thought for us folks in Dubbo!

Basically every second email I get from the club these days fits the definition of SPAM and it is very annying given what we'd proposed those emails should look like.

Talk about rubbing salt into wounds.

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