City-Country -- Manly Players?

Orford may get a go depending on depth, who else should get or go close to a jersey?

Stewart -- Country certanty, surely
King -- if he got a run last year, he must this year.
Kite -- probably straight into the Aussie team
Watmough -- should get a jersey


may go with Lyon just on reputation? who would he be competing with for a country jumper?

Chip and Chase

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Didn't Hicks get a guernsey on the wing last year.

I can't remember who the country centres were last year, but assume King and Tahu, and on current form I don't see Lyon knocking either of them out of a spot.


Hicks actually got a run in the centres for Country last year.

Tahu/King were ineligible because they played in the Anzac test.


Yep, Hicks got a run last year in he centres.

The players from Manly that should get a run in the City V Country game for me would be:

King, Watmough, Orford, Both Stewarts and maybe Lyon

Kite straight into blues/aussie side.


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just putting this out there but who is the competition for monas at half back?

Since there aint all that much in NSW to start with and he is 4 from 4 you never know.

Kite and lyon are in the test team so rule them out.


Monas or Kimmorley will be Country halfback.

Both Stewys, King & Hicks will get a run. Watmough should get another shot at reps to see how he goes at that level again. Can he make his goods outweigh his bads?


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monas well could be nsw no 7 and would done a better job than finch i don,t know if orford could have won that game on saturday how monas did

Jatz Crackers

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Must be Dessies master strategy at work. Hold Orford back from his injury until its too late for him to be conscripted into the NSW side while Monas does enough to secure us victories.

That way, Manly has built this undefeated record in the early rounds with Ox coming back to capitalise on teams losing their stars to rep duties.

The old.....hide the halfback behind injury routine eh !.........thats the 3rd time ive fallen for that this year.


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I reckon none them should be selected, none of them are playing well enough to deserve getting selected. We've only one 5 out of 5. I think they should wait till we've won 14 from 14. Why take the risk, pick the tried and tested nevils from team on 8, 6 and 4 points. Let these be the guys who get injured and can't play for their own team.
Nice thought anyway?

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