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Just a follow up on Chris Flannery for the AE crew.
I have it on very good authority now that it's "extremely" doubtful he will be staying at the Roosters and at this stage it is between Manly and Souths, and then maybe Gold Coast further down the track.
What happened to our resident super sleuth Sherlock - I thought you would have been onto this sort of stuff ;)

The Wheel
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Thanks PJ or should I say Scoop - it looks like Souths are chasing just about everyone off contract.

No news on the issue as yet.


Kim Jong Dan
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proabably too busy writing for womans day, our sherlock


all of the above, that would be my positioning Wheels but hes also a solid centre and a great lock forward.


I think he would be fairly handy- it was funny hearing it from my source who isn't the biggest Manly fan.
Previously he told me there was no chance but I'd say he would have changed his tune after looking into the situation a bit further.

Chip and Chase

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I hope this is on the money. Flannery would be a good buy. Can cover quite a few positions and has plenty of big game experience. And as much as I hate the Roosters, they have a good setup so I imagine he would be very professional in his approach, and could bring a bit of it with him. A bit like BK's contibutions this year.

We really need to sort out of halves, and the Witt/Flanno combo with Monas to hooker would be a step in the right direction.


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I disagree guys. I watched the origin, and also the game the roosters played against the sharks. Flannery has been a passenger. The reason he has his level of success in my opinion, is due to Gould & Stuart. He is or would be a power player, and that is what we already have an abundance of. We need finesse players like Berrigan who can break the line.


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Flannery is a really good utility player, i.e. he can play centre, five eight, second row, lock, fullback. Unfortunately, he isn't better than our current players in all of those positions.

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