Chris Anderson

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Kim Jong Dan
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Chris Anderson was on Sports Tonight and mentioned that he would take a role coaching NRL again if the opportunit was there. I for one would love to see him as coach at Manly he is a great coach and the kind of coach, i think that could take Manly to their next grand final victory.

What do you think?
He would probably bring his love child Kimmorley with him though.
i doubt it. Kimmorely will never again be welcome at this club I hope.....
i said this earlier, i think it is a great idea. he is a seasoned professional and time away from the game has probably given him a huge boost
How did he get to be a seasoned proffesional ? By coaching over a long period lets keep our current coach for at least 1 more year
UP I agree keep Dessie for one more year, then grab Chris Anderson.

Was Dessie signed for another 3 years?
Des signed a new deal earlier this season when we were travelling well.I dont want Anderson at Manly in any capacity.I cant stand the bloke.
I can see why he isn't like, but he is a pro. Like Sheens.

Do we need a Pro at Manly?
he was the most succesful australian coach ever as well as successful at club level. He was obviously getting the rough end at the shire but I think he would be good at and for Manly
How did he go as a Rugby Union coach in Wales?
I find him a sort of surly character but his record is very solid.
surly is good!

Wayne Bennett isnt the most jovial fella around is he?
no way.

I know his club record is pretty solid but I dont give much credit to his Australian record, I could coach Australia to wins due to their lack of quality opposition.
his record is far better than dessies and I reckon he could take manly to a premiership
I don't want a bar of Anderson.

He has created division in every club he has ever worked, had his pets, and each club has been left worse off when he has been shafted (which has happened each time, though sometimes mutually)

He has had some success but at a cost and in each situation he has had the players to do it.
CW, if you ask me our club could use a division with some of the staff!
dont forget we would also get his sons in the deal, and his sons are much worse than Cleal!!!!
For god's sake Chris Anderson to coach the eagles????

Mr Super League himself ...... ask sharks fans what they think of him ..... he set the sharks back 10 years and then in typical mercenary form rushed over to ruin some Welsh rugby team ......
I dont rate him at all. look at some of the grandfinal winning teams hes coached.

88 & 95 Dogs & 99 Storm. they were very good sides that couldve coached themselves, warren ryan had done all the hard work leading up to the 88 grand final and the 99 storm had something like 11 interationals when he got there.

then he goes to a moderatly successful club like the sharks, tries to change the way they play and destroys them.

the guys a joke and I dont think our board could be that stupid.

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