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Chook supporters are like their coach!


Well-Known Member
Jul 18, 2004
I find that they are all sore loosers & like to whinge! A neighbour of mine is a Chook supporter & I met up with him at the park today whilst I was having a kick of the footy with my boys. He was having a whinge that they were hard done by last night & the ref won it for Manly. Not one bit of recognition or praise for the way Manly had played!
I just stood there with my Manly cap on & a huge grin on my face which annoyed him even more. The last thing he said before sulking off home was: "We have been playing so well for the last few years & Manly have been crap. I suppose it was OK to let them have this one!".....
I stood there gobsmacked & wanted to give it to him with both barrels blazing BUT my 3 young sons were with me at the time!
How I wanted to ask him how many premierships the Rooters had won & what was happening with the salary cap..... :wall:

Oh it's good to be hated again...... :drunk:

Canteen Worker

Well-Known Member
Jul 15, 2004
For all their great players etc they have only won one comp! Ricky is a Grade A dipstick and the way he carried on last night will only help the cause of other clubs.

Enjoy the days in the sun Goldie and hopefully your kids will catch the Manly bug as well!

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