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Chill Out

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Hamster Huey, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. Hamster Huey

    Hamster Huey Space Invader Premium Member

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    Why the concentration on all the 'bad' news the DT wants to spread 'cause they can sell papers or get hits? Why give them the satisfaction of turning on ourselves in these forums, taking their words as gospel when it has proven far from 100%.

    For all the talk of people leaving we have also seen their positions filled (some ignored by the DT in lieu of the earth shattering loss of the likes of Jess Iver)...

    Former James Boag and Sons national sales manager Greg Butterworth to become the club's new commercial director. ''He's a real critical part of this change and he's a real process, structured, disciplined sort of guy,'' Perry said. ''Very savvy. We've always worked well together [at Boags] and he's a big asset for the club. He understands rugby league and understands the challenges that lie ahead.''

    Former West Coast Eagles staffer Anthony Dignan will become the senior sales manager, while ex-2GB journalist Rachael Cassidy will replace long-serving media manager Peter Peters. Trent Higgs will also join the media unit. Perry remains on the lookout for a merchandising manager. In a bid to reconnect with former players, Darrell Williams has been charged with heading up an old boys' network.

    And now we have...

    Dave Warwick happy to remain in player recruitment. Strength and conditioning coach Don Singe (3 years), physio Andre Rickenbach and head trainer Alex Ross.

    Hardly the sort of news to get your 2011 Premiership knickers in a twist over.

    So everybody....CHILL THE 'F' OUT!!!!
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    • Volley

      Volley Well-Known Member

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      Apparently Jess Ivers was hot though. I think that's the major downer of the whole thing.
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      • swoop

        swoop Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

        +1,540 /26
        A good sort?
      • niccipops

        niccipops un echidna spillo mia bevanda Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

        +6,352 /56
        Huey you make way too much sense for this forum. Isn't that giant asteroid going to hit tonight?
      • Darren

        Darren Well-Known Member

        +560 /20
        happy to remain, good old Dave left us and came back because it didn't suit!!
      • Canteen Worker

        Canteen Worker Well-Known Member

        +215 /5
        I hope that none of the whingers ever get involved in commercial enterprise or staff recruitment. The hysteria is magnificent.
      • Cameron

        Cameron Cambo

        +669 /35
        Rossi is ****house I wonder if he has found silvertails lol. He used to word me up when I was on the drink at the leaguesie and get me to good stuff about him on mwse forum lol. Good bloke glad he's staying
      • OneEyedEagle

        OneEyedEagle Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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        Greetings from Hyatt Regency Sanctury Cove. I Can't get chilled out any more than what I already am. Pfft what drama's are you talking about. Well back to the free bar I go, need to spend some of the company's money.
      • conanu

        conanu Well-Known Member

        +2,445 /46
        Canteen Worker can you stop refering to the people like myself who fortunately or unfortunately get seriously upset when the guts are being ripped out of our club as Whingers.
        Its bad enough with trolls coming on here stirring the pot but your "we are too cool to over-react" lines arent helping either. Its bad enough we are going through it. Of course you are comparing apples with Oranges when you say you hope we dont get involved in commercial enterprise, Cause nobody really cares if corporations lose but they do care about footy.

        Im sorry if I we dont feel as happy that our club has the skillset to sell a tanker load of Boags beer next year, but that stuff means sweet FA if you cant deliver on the field. Just ask the Dogs they have all the cash and the fancy employees but funilly enough they now need to poach all of ours to be successful. In saying that i think Perry is good for the club but i just hope we dont lose all of our up and coming Players just so we can have a "Sea Change"

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